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    Originally Posted by Mason69 View Post
    Você tá com sorte, eu também sou brasileiro.

    O que fiz foi isto:

    Originally Posted by xXxLugia:

    "every week someone reports a prob with the white screen. this prob was solved long ago, but ppl still ask for the solution. i had the same prob on my android phone, others on gpsp or iphone but master2738 showed me how to make this game work on my phone so u need to do this i will just copy paste what he wrote with with small modifications just follow this steps:
    1. download pokemon LP from wesley's homepage
    2. download pokemon ruby 1.0
    3. download gba header(go to google and type: gba header tool v1.0)
    4. open up gba header v1.0
    5. click on the box under "filename:"
    6. locate ur "Pokemon Lp" .gba and double click it
    7. click on show header than click show. notice that the game title says PKM LP (thats what causing the problems)
    8. click on copy header
    9. click on the box under source file, locate ur ruby 1.0 rom and double click it
    10. now click on copy
    11. click on show header and click show
    12. you will now see that ur pokemon LP rom has the game title Pokemon ruby. which should allow u to play it on any emulator now.

    Also set the save type on your emulator to Flash 128kb"

    Boa sorte
    now it works on my w890 but I downloaded english ver and on my cellphone is in spanish...
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