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Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post

Glad to hear you like it, just let staff deal with the people spamming :]

I think you don't have much taste, but that's just my opinion! To be honest I feel that you've been extremely unnecessarily harsh. To give my mapping a 6/10, I find that extremely insulting considering I've been studying it for 3 years and have spent over 60 hours of work mapping for this game, and that's just for the demo. I personally think that you've been harsh for whatever reason, and your comments weren't all that helpful.

The "snowwy maps" are quite outdated I'll admit, and I wish to change the tileset. But to say this is bad mapping is pretty... well I'm not quite sure what you'd consider to be good mapping. And I will defend my work on mapping and the work of others on this game because it is something I put a hell of a lot of time into. So, without wanting to seem self righteous I have to completely disagree with you.

To give the music of my composer a 5/10, is well, also really harsh in all honesty. This is a fan game, if I could hire John Williams for free I'd do it. So again, I feel you're just judging the music and not telling us what you like and dislike.

I have literally no idea what you mean about how the buildings don't fit with anything else. Please give me an example and reasoning as to why they do not, because this is the first I've ever heard of it.

Yes, I take your criticism, and if you feel I'm not taking it, go through the thread and see that I do in fact take all comments on board. But I feel you were being overly and unnecessarily critical. I have the right and means to disagree with your comments, and I do. But, if my game is what you call a 6.5, well I'm afraid it seems we have a pretty bad quality selection of games in The Showcase. Which I do not believe.
If there's something no one can deny, is that, in life, you never stop learning, there's always something you can improve even further.

And my intention isn't and will never be being harsh, I just say the things exactly the way I see them. If it was my project I'd prefer a direct truth than just a sweet truth.

Also, I'm not saying maps are bad, but they are just too lineal because of them having such a narrow paths. And I'm not saying music is bad, I'm saying SOUND is bad. I don't think it is necessary for them to sound like Y2K game midi songs. Music itself is cool (even if I don't like some of them for the specific field or situation they were made for)

About the buildings, what I meant by saying "they don't fit" is that they just don't really merge with most part of the tileset. They are like too 3D-ish and they stand out. Maybe it's just the outline is too dark, and because of that, as I said, they don't seem to merge to the world, like they're floating or something.

It is great to be proud of your work, and I would too if this was my game, you are doing an excelent work, but I wanted to clarify what I don't like of it. As I said, it's my opinion, I have never cared if anyone else in the world shared it or not, 'cause I don't change my opinions just to be popular, I tend to be sincere and direct. Sorry if that offends you, 'cause it's not my intention.
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