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Originally Posted by bkohl View Post
So I'm probably the biggest noob on this forum...I just got interested in hacking poke roms after seeing some of the hacks others have done, and I stumbled across this while searching how to hack the game's intro. I followed the directions as written, but I'm still struggling with something in particular--I can't seem to get the background color to be transparent. My apologies for posting such a trifling request, but i need a little help please. Please and thank you (:
The first color in any pallet should always be a light-green color. Try looking for the first color in the pallet, and use that instead.
Originally Posted by toastier View Post
when i go to import my sprite, it says "image is not indexed" and then won't do anything. :/ help?
It needs to be 4bpp, or 16 colors. Go download Irfanview (Google is your friend), and then find an option to decrease the "color depth" (I don't remember where), and select 16 colors, or 4bpp.

Also, if it's made from a computer using a newer OS, like Windows 7 or Snow Leopard, will always be rejected for some reason. Try using Windows XP instead if you're not already.

@OP Why would you waste 2 hours (and $500) downloading Photoshop when you could just take, like, five minutes to find the right pallet? And even so, unLZ usually gives you the right pallet most of the time anyways.
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