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Taking what you guys said... What do you think looks better? Or perhaps some other way you have in mind? Please make suggestions.
____LockF___//Shorthand for lock; faceplayer
____If Flag.Pokedex != True
________MsgBox "Here, have a\nPokéDex." MsgNormal
________SetFlag Flag.Pokedex
____REnd____//Shorthand for release; end

____lockf___//Shorthand for lock; faceplayer
____if flag.pokedex != true
________msgbox "Here, have a\nPokéDex." msgNormal
________setflag flag.pokedex
____rend____//Shorthand for release; end

____lockf;___//Shorthand for lock; faceplayer
____if (flag.pokedex != true)
________msgbox("Here, have a\nPokéDex.", msgNormal);
____rend;____//Shorthand for release; end

At the moment my idea is to let all of these syntaxes work, rather than having a specific one. But this could make tutorials very confusing since they could all be using different syntax.
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