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    Originally Posted by jim42 View Post
    I'm no coder so I'm not sure about the first three, but I know for a fact it's pretty easy to change the latter two points and have done so myself. All you need to do for the Pokeball thing is change the event to make the ball disappear first and then run the item gain script. You could use audacity on the PC sound effects to make them quieter period or I'm sure there would be a way to alter the volume in the code. You just have to examine the code, figure out how it works then make some little alterations. Give it a try.
    I am well aware these are easy fixes, many of them are. What this thread is about is documenting issues like that that happen in the base kit.

    Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
    I'm glad somebody made a thread like this, I've got a few!
    • When walking into a solid object, the player just stands still versus having their sprite walking forward in that direction but not moving. There's a reason they put this in the official games; it's basically a psychological effect. It makes the player feel like they're moving forward and not too confined, even when not being able to actually move forward.
    • When using a healing item on a Pokemon, the HP bar doesn't animate. It just jumps to the new health value.
    • There's a sound for fleeing, but it's never used when actually fleeing.*
    • There's no sound for the EXP bar rising.
    • The pokemon storage system has no sounds for interactions. (The PC itself does, though.)
    • There's no sound for purchasing an item.
    • There's no shadow under the player when jumping off a ledge.
    • There's no 'ping' sound for each pokeball when a trainer battle starts and the pokeballs showing the pokemon count move across the screen.
    • There's no 'battle overlays'. (ie. the bits of grass and water droplets that fly across on screen when a battle starts)
    • The surfing sprites cycled through the 'walking' animations for the charset when sitting idle in the games.

    There's also a lot of sound related ones, and I recognize that it's probably not the focus, but if someone could script these, I could probably rip the sounds myself.
    Wow! Thank you for a big contribution! I'll add these to the first post!

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