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    Hello, i'm new to the forum, I just wanted to say I played through your demo and there were a few things I wanted to say about it, good and bad.

    Good: Well developed storyline, good characters, good gym leaders.

    Bad: Some sprites are sort of weird, but overall they are good, no offense but the fire starter kind of looks its on crack (jk its ok) but you might wanna tweak it a little.

    I also wanted to give a shoutout that I would like to be on a game development team, sort of to learn how to do this stuff. Im not good with a lot of stuff but I can make some sprites though I'm more of an idealist and coming up with the script, anyone, PM me if anyone wants to let me join their team.

    A few bugs because I just finished the game (nice job though!)
    1. Snorlax is invisible after he beats you
    2. Sometimes a trainer will come to battle me and end up blocking a doorway or something that is vital to go through.