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    Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
    I love the 5th gen feel to this game, and the quality of the fakemon are fantastic. I do have a complain about Harouns sprite though... it looks really awkward haha. I think the shirt is far to large and baggy? Or his head is to small haha.
    His shirt is supposed to be large and baggy, to add character though, though maybe its not the character people would like to see?

    Anyway, I love custom work you guys are putting into this as well, it's turning out beautiful!
    I agree whole-heartedly. I myself love custom work and have been trying to change quite a lot of things just for a fresh feeling. Though the most work you'll be seeing should be credited to aquakip, he does an outstanding job with the sprites and tiles he does.

    Here is my first promotional poster for the game. Be mindful that I made this before and I have been advised its a little too crowded(which I understand). As well, I'm not entirely sure the date is correct.

    Cupola is the steel type, and has a very interesting quirk about it, that you may or may not see in the demo.(just more reason to play the demo I suppose).

    Demo coming August 20!