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    Ever since the Silver Tribe had risen to power, she had searched high and low for others of the Gold Tribe with no results. When she'd been tipped off that there were rebels in Eternity City she had hurried to join them in the hopes that someone from the Gold tribe would be there, but with no such luck. Instead, she had remained with them, thinking it to be the best way to look for them. Sure enough, they requested the help of the small group of rebels to cause a distraction so the Alpha Alliance could attack Eternity City.

    Now, here she was, Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar of the Gold Tribe, fighting alongside the rebels, struggling to hold back the onslaught of Ancients that was slowly closing in on them. The Infernape barraged a Kabutops with well placed kicks, punches, and lashes of the tail. When the water-and-rock-type made the mistake of lashing out at Daricka with one its razor sharp scythes - and thereby letting its guard down - she leaped over its head, her tail wrapping around its neck. When Daricka hit the ground behind the Kabutops, she wrapped her tail tighter in a crushing grip that choked the life out of the Ancient. She then flung her cargo into an incoming Aerodactyl, causing it to to lose balance and tumble out of control before crashing into the ground close-by. Not giving the Ancient dragon time to recover, she quickly grabbed its head and bent it backwards, twisting it to the right at the same time. There was a satisfying crack as the beast's neck snapped.

    Daricka stood atop its head, breathing hard from her exertion. Moving speedily may get the job done, but to much quick work could wear one out. I must remember to pace myself better," she thought as she dove back down to ground to avoid being hit by a Water Pulse. Backing up until she was under the shelter of her recently fallen foe's wing, she cast a careful glance around in case her attempt at hiding had been noticed. For the moment, it seemed it had not. Ducking quickly back, out of view of enemy eyes, she say cross legged in the cramped space. She closed her eyes and took on a meditative stance. Her body glowed brightly as she used Calm Mind, elongating the moves time period to make up for lost energy. Deciding that anymore delay could get her discovered, she opened her eyes, the glow fading from her body as she crawled back out. Maybe Calm Mind wouldn't heal her bodily injuries, but it never failed to revitalize and sooth her.

    She went instantly back into the fray, trying to use Close Combat and Flare Blitz as little as possible in an attempt to conserve her regained energy. A ball of glowing white energy hit her square in the back, causing her to stumble into the X-Scissor of an Armaldo, most of the damage coming from it's sharp claws rather than the bug-type move. Daricka grabbed onto the giant bug's arm behind its claws before it could retract them and hefted the Pokemon into the the Kabutops that had fired the Ancient Power at her, following it up with a Focus Blast before going on to her next opponent. Hopefully help would arrive soon... She doubted either she or the rebels would be able to keep this up for much longer.