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    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    I didn't receive any information lol - I was describing the vibe I got from the concept.
    That's how misunderstandings occur. If I were to simply write an unfounded opinion, I would be butchered for posting drivel.

    Though "confirming your belief and vowing to defend the faith," while not being on the level of a 'Cult Mafia Illuminati', certainly goes toward my point.
    It does not, actually. It's saying that, yes, the person is fully aware of what they're saying, and believe it's correct.

    I don't understand why, nowadays, standing by your beliefs is considered evil and close-minded. If I am intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying, I should have no problem with confirming that I believe in it.

    All those who said that they were "pressured" into Confirmation never received a valid confirmation.

    There might not be people beating you up if you try to leave, but it's certainly consistent with some sort of mental or emotional trap that would make it more difficult for somebody to leave if they begin to have doubts.
    You mean people should be hesitant to switch their beliefs?

    Well, yes, I do believe they should be. Otherwise, those beliefs weren't very well rooted, were they?

    However, I understand that, in today's society, conviction is considered naive.

    Personally, if you want a summary of what I consider Christianity, I would advise you to read C.S. Lewis.

    Yes, even Narnia. It's not the Christians trying to shoehorn Jesus into fantasy, it's people realizing that Lewis was a Christian, and a brilliant one at that.

    Yes, you can be Christian and brilliant. For further reading, see Chesterton.

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