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Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
I don't know how useful MySQL will be for real-time multiplayer... It's fine for GTS and Mystery Gift systems, but when you get onto interacting with other players, you'll want a different approach. You should write some sort of server program that handles user requests, and only uses the MySQL database for saving data.

Anyway, what do you mean by custom/set restrictions?
I've seen other people say that it works fine for online systems....

Custom Restrictions:
Creator Chooses these Values...
Choose Of things like:
Can obtain with x number of badges else you can't receive.
Stuff like that (city-wise/var too)
Set Restrictions:
Players Decides pre-set values....
Choice of things like:
1 pokemon only/3 pokemon only/6 pokemon only
levels 1-10 only/ levels 50+ only
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