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Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice View Post
That's how misunderstandings occur. If I were to simply write an unfounded opinion, I would be butchered for posting drivel.
I never claimed it to be anything other than what it was lol

Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice
I don't understand why, nowadays, standing by your beliefs is considered evil and close-minded. If I am intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying, I should have no problem with confirming that I believe in it.
That's not what I was saying at all; if it were evil or close-minded to stand by your beliefs, this club would not exist. A person of any faith can affirm and stick with their beliefs all they like; I would expect no different and I have experienced no different. The issue I take is with the formal Confirmation structure set up by the Church itself, which makes it seem like some Holy door through which one has passed and would in my opinion create a further psychological barrier against leaving the Church should a person ever feel so inclined. My issue is not so much with the fact that it would make it more difficult to leave as it is that it seems designed specifically for that purpose. You may hold your Church in high esteem and believe them to be above such intentional manipulation, but I can assure you that I do not.

Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice
Yes, you can be Christian and brilliant.
I have no doubt. Brilliance is not faith-based, but rather founded on qualities external of religious belief entirely.

"So this is why God bombed us."

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