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Eternity City

Zane headed towards the rebel location. Time was of the essence. If they didn't get to them soon, they would be cut off from the army, and there would be no way of breaking through later on. Just then, a voice flooded his mind. He recognized it as the voice of Defender.

"Vigil! Sword and Shield and I are fighting Beserker. Need help! Will signal you somehow!"

Zane stopped running as he heard the message. A moment later, he saw a piece of rubble in the distance, spinning in middair. Speculum stopped as well, and spoke to Zane.

"What's wrong, Vigil?" He asked.

"Defender is fighting Beserker. Over there." He said, pointing to the area where the piece of rubble went into the air.

"Damn! Ah...alright! I'll go help Calamity and the rebels, you go help Defender fight off Beserker!"

Zane nodded, and headed towards the direction of the rubble.


Beserker watched as the Golduck of the Gold Tribe managed to move out of the way in the last minute. However, Beserker could not stop himself, and the Aggron crashed into the wall, partially injuring himself in the process, while also destroying the wall there.

Beserker turned to the direction of the Golduck, and prepared to attack it once more. However, a moment later, he took a blind hit from a Smack Down sent by the Snorlax Gold Tribe member. The resulting hit sent Beserker to the ground once more.

Now he was mad. The Pokemon got up again, upset at the number of times the two Pokemon managed to injure him, but also impressed that they were able to do so.

"I'll admit, you two are the best challenge I've had since that battle in Gold City. It's certainly been a while! But now playtime is over. Get ready for a real fi-"

Beserker never got to finish his sentence, as a second later, Zane came crashing at him with an Iron Head straight to the back, sending him to part of the same wall he had just knocked down with Giga Impact and attack earlier. Zane landed on one knee, and pointed to the Aggron now lying on the ground as he spoke.

"You'd better get comfortable there on the ground, Beserker, because you're going to be spending the whole day there!"

Zane backed up next to Defender and Sword and Shield as Beserker began to get up and approach the three Gold Tribe members. Zane began speaking to them as the brute was en route.

"This Sentinel is too powerful for any one of us, but if we unite, and combine our strengths together, we can overcome him. Prepare yourselves, brothers!"

Zane got into a stance, and prepared for the oncoming battle as he initiated a Swords Dance. It was all or nothing against the Sentinel Beserker.

Beserker chooses to strike first running at the three, before stopping and jumping into the air, initiating another powerful Earthquake.


Speculum led the way through the Ancients from behind. Luckily, many still were unsuspecting of the major battle erupted behind them, and were often caught off guard as the battalion of Pokemon made a push to get to the rebels. The Ditto Gold Tribe member, who chose to fight as a Grovyle, used a Leaf Blade as he took down an unsuspecting Kabuto. Ancients began to turn to face them from behind, but it was too little, too late, especially with a Gold Tribe member in the lead. This was, after all, what a Gold Tribe member lived for, the front lines of a battlefield was like a second home to them.

After making a direct push through a group of Omanytes, Speculum found himself close to where other Pokemon were fighting. They were entrenched, and soon to be completely surrounded if they didn't get moving. He spotted Calamity fighting among the rebels, his Gold Tribe insignia shining brightly in the sun. Speculum also saw an Infernape. Strangely, it seemed to have a Gold Tribe emblem as well. Another survivor of the Gold Tribe? Speculum could hope, but wasn't sure just yet. He'll find out later.

Then Speculum saw another Pokemon battling close by the rebels. By his stature and body proportion, it appeared to be a Zangoose, but he wasn't sure, as the Pokemon was hooded and cloaked in black. However, on the Pokemon's belt was displayed a gold emblem of the Gold Tribe. Only Adam "Rey" Reed wore it there. Could this "Rey" really be their fallen leader? He would soon find out. Speculum and the Alpha Alliance forces approached the rebels after clearing the immediate area of Ancients, but more were soon to be on the way.

"Hey rebels! We cleared the area, but if we don't get out of here soon and join the rest of the army, we're going to get cut off! Come on, we've cleared a way for now!"

He spoke with impatience, as he always was a bit impatient, but the situation merited such behavior. The rebel leader "Rey" looked at the other rebels and nodded to the Ditto.

Speculum managed to get a few words with Calamity as they began running back into the action and out of the entrenched space.

"Hey Calamity, good to see you alright. Say, is the Infernape..."

"Gold Tribe." Calamity responded with a smile. Speculum returned a grin, staring back at the Infernape for a moment and giving her a quick nod. He then asked something else pressing of the Absol.

"...And this Rey, is he Adam 'Rey' Reed?" Speculum asked. However, before he could get a reply, Ancients began coming after the rebel's position, and attempted to surround and defeat them.

"We'll talk later!" Calamity said. "Make a path! Take out the Ancients!" He yelled, as he went in for a Night Slash on a Bastiodon. Speculum engaged the Ancients as well, as did the rest of the rebels. He saw 'Rey' begin fighting off a Rampardos with relative ease from the corner of his eye.

He moved like the Gold Tribe leader. He fought like the Gold Tribe leader. Was it really Adam 'Rey' Reed?

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