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    Chapter 5 – Rookie Alert!

    Downtown New Goldenrod City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 0900 Hours.

    "Hey you're…you're those talking Pokemon…who, you know, do things that like... does bad things to people like…like…haha I'm terribly sorry sir. I'm totally drunk as sh*t."

    "I can see that corporal. Should I drive? Thus, getting us both to our destinations, alive," offered Zoroark.

    "There…there is no need for you to interfere with my special, deep cover, ultra secret pizza delivery. It's my job and I'll do it!"

    "Does your CO knows you're intoxicated on the job?"

    "f*ck yeah! He was getting drunk with me when he ordered me to do this, this, this, thing..."

    The driver then takes a right turn onto the main street, and nearly slams into a march of captured enemy cloned grunts. A few minutes later, the car, thankfully, stopped in front of a building. It was tall, and silver with a swirling like design on its front, and a helipad on the roof.

    "Move faster, maggots!" yelled a soldier, pushing a grunt to move faster.

    "This is your stop sir. Have a…a…nice…one," he then leans over out his window to barf all over the side of the car and the ground under it. Completely puking his guts out. Zoroark puts a twenty dollar bill into the soldier's pocket, and exited the vehicle.

    "Thanks for the ride. Have a nice hangover," he said looking at the soldier, before turning and entering the building.

    "Contact with, Fenton Relay Station, was lost last night. All signals flat lined at twenty-one hundred hours. I responded with attack teams, which have since been declared MIA." said Admiral Jet.

    "And now you're sending us," added Poliwrath.

    "Earth Intelligences believe deployment of an Argonaut team is a gross misallocation of valuable resources. I disagree."

    Zoroark reaches the door, and stared at Zangoose, who was sharpening his throwing knife against his right red and grey shoulder pauldron. He attempted to enter, but was stopped by an arm across his chest. He followed the yellow arm leading towards Alakazam. He looked unimpressed at Zoroark and lazily looked towards Poliwrath.

    "Commander?" he said.

    Poliwrath and Pinsir both turned to look at Zoroark and examine him. He had red and black steel armor that covered his whole body except his head, but had a black do-rag over his head instead. He had his Giant Scimitar set on his back. The weapon had tally counts, possibly the amount of people he killed, or something like that. We'll just have to find out.

    "So that's our new number twenty? I hope he's not a werewolf," said Pinsir loudly.

    Zoroark gave Pinsir a confused look, before deciding he should just ignore it, and stepped forward with his arms behind his back.

    "Pinsir, have you studied Captain Zoroark's information like we told you to?" asked Alakazam lazily glaring at Pinsir, who was observing the Captain.

    "Only the parts that weren't covered in octopus piss. And the ones just had the bold letters saying, "he wiped out an army of ant soldiers," he replied.

    "I think you meant ink, not octopus urine. Also, you mean an army of Axis soldiers," corrected Alakazam, looking down and shaking his head. He then lazily layed eyes on Zangoose, "Have you studied?" he added, but was pleased to receive a nod in response.

    Poliwrath turned back to the hologram and puts his hands on the table. Then began to concentrate on the briefing.

    "Has anyone claimed responsibility, sir?" he asked.

    "I believe it might be the Trojans. Five months ago, they pulled a similar job on Planet Trail. They hit a relay station to take out our eyes and ears, and then took three major dry docks. That cannot happen here. Fortune is too damn important. I want that relay back online, Loyal Leader."

    "Sir. Consider it done."

    "Then I'll see you on the other side. Jet out."

    The hologram of Jet then disappeared, and the team began to leave the room. Alakazam sneaks behind Zoroark to press the elevator button. As soon he pressed the button, an elevator arrived quickly. Then Pinsir, Alakazam, and Zangoose entered the elevator. Poliwrath decided to wait for the next elevator, and approached Zoroark first.

    "Commander Poliwrath," acknowledged Zoroark respectfully.

    "Captain Zoroark."

    The doors open and the two enter it. And as soon as the door closed, the elevator began to ascend to the highest floor

    "How good are your loan wolf skills?" asked Poliwrath.

    "It's worth drafted into Loyal." responded Zoroark.

    "Incorrect choice of words rookie. It was a trick question" said Alakazam, speaking through the teams coms.

    "He's right Captain. Loyal is a team. You are to leave that lone wolf stuff behind until I say so."

    Zoroark narrowed his eyes, but responded with a, "Yes sir."

    The elevator stops ascending and the doors opened. The two exited the elevator and walked towards the rest of the team.

    "Let me introduce you to a few of Loyal," explained Poliwrath pointing at each of the members in turn, "That's Warrant Officer Pinsir, Science Officer Alakazam, and Bowmen Zangoose." he said quickly, making the interductions short and simple.

    The team then entered the black hawk and it quickly lifted out, traveling to Fenton.

    "Sir, what do you think about our new addition to the team. And what are your expectations of his skills in the field?" asked Alakazam.

    "To be honest. I'm glad Loyal is back up to full strength, but many of us would have left those shoes unfilled, but you did. I give you that. But I need to see the Captain in the field to judge him appropriately," he said adjusting his helmet, and shield.

    "Hey, new guy," said Pinsir, tapping the Captains leg to get his attention.

    "Yes, sir?" Zoroark replied, not looking towards Pinsir.

    "First time on this marble?"

    "Besides Tender…affirmative sir."

    "Get ready for a world of hurt, scary screaming, and…what am I forgetting…oh yeah, hurt and scary screaming!"

    "You just said…Ummm…I'll…I'll keep that in mind sir," he replied, turning to give Pinsir a weird look.

    "In other words, Captain. Welcome to Fortune," added Poliwrath, giving him a soft smile.


    "Abandon Axis Air Base", Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 0915 Hours.

    Infernape and Frosty were sitting in a jeep, laying back and listening to music. Infernape was smoking a cigarette while Frosty was taking a nap. The smoke of cigarette drifted into Frosty's hockey goalie helmet, then into his nose and he took three sniffs. Infernape heard him sniff and put the cigarette near Frosty's head.

    "No thank you. I'll never smoke," rejected Frosty, sitting up and taking off his helmet, he put it on the car's dashboard.

    "One day Frosty. One day you will," replied Infernape also sitting up right.

    "I doubt it," An awkward silence then fell over the two, which made them both uncomfortable. "I always wanted to ask you, why did you pick up smoking? Was it because she went MIA?" asked Frosty, quickly breaking the silence. He started to dig through the glove compartment.

    "Yeah…the thing that always gets to me is thinking about whether or not she's dead or alive out there…I promised her I'd get her home that day, and failed," said Infernape softly, taking another hit of his cigar, "and smoking calms my stress levels down," he exhale the smoke.

    "How long has she been gone for? Five years?"

    "Eight years…today."

    "If we have time, I'd be happy to help you find her…" offered Frosty, stopping his digging, sat up right and crossed his arms, a smirk on his face.

    "Thanks," said Infernape, taking another hit and then exhaling the smoke with the cigar still in his mouth. "Do me a favor and check why Machamp is taking so long," Infernape growled, pointing in the opposite direction, towards the hangar entrance, with his thumb.

    "Will do sir," Frosty agreed. Leaving the jeep, and started heading for the hangar.

    Fifteen minutes pass by, and the two haven't returned to the jeep. And Infernape became more and more inpatient. After another fifteen minutes passed, he decided to take action. He first kisses his teeth and turns on the jeeps engine. He got out of the jeep and began to walk towards the hangar. He was just about five steps away from the entrance, when he spotted both Machamp and Frosty franticly and desperately running out of it.

    "Run! God damn it! Run!" yelled Machamp blowing past him.

    As soon Infernape laid his eyes back on the hangar entrance, it exploded. Fire, smoke and debris blasted out. The force and vibration of the blast pushed the three to the ground. Then a very large robotic Rhydon busted through what remained of the hangar entrance and as soon as it laid eyes on the three, it began chasing the them.

    The three scrambled and hopped into the jeep, where Machamp quickly accelerated away from the robot thing. The robot began spitting out large boulders at the team. Infernape saw a boulder hurdling towards them and quickly grabbed the wheel, sloppily maneuvering around the boulders as they drop around them.

    "We have to destroy that thing now!" yelled Machamp.

    "Chill, I'm thinking here…" added Frosty.

    Infernape got an idea and jumped off the jeep, ignoring the objections of his teammates. He then quickly got up from the ground and stood in front of charging robot. Then its metal horn began to spin then was launched like a missile and followed the jeep like a heat seeker.

    Infernape watched as the horn soared above him, and then got into a sumo like stance towards the robot. He took his cigar out of his mouth and put it in his pocket, then flexes his whole body. As the robot was mere feet away from Infernape and the drill seconds from crashing into the jeep. Infernape then swung his head back and yells "Yol Toor Shul!" quickly facing the robot, widening his mouth and a large blast of fire erupted out of his mouth, making a massive fire ball that quickly engulfed the robot, Infernape and the other two in the jeep.


    Somewhere in New Cianwood City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 0900 Hours.

    Ditto and Electivire were in a small garage, that had at least three almost shattered windows on each of the three walls. There were many car parts, tools and some other junk scattered around the room.

    The two were interrogating a normal Axis grunt. The man was named Major Hicks, a member of an elite samurai unit of the Axis Army. He was bleeding from both of his temples and his legs were broken. His leather samurai armor was stripped of him, leaving him only in a cloth shirt and leather pants.

    Ditto decided to punch one of the windows, shattering it immediately, and grabs a thumb size shard of glass. He then shoves the shard into the grunt's mouth trying to navigate to the left side of the mouth, until Ditto got bit by the grunt. In response, Ditto quickly punches the area of the shard that was located into the mouth. Almost tipping the grunt over.

    "Tell me!" yelled Ditto. Putting pressure on the grunt's broken legs with his hands.

    The grunt tries to hold in the pain and slowly stopped struggling. "I will never tell you anything, Argonaut scum!" he growled, spitting pieces of glass and blood out of his mouth.

    "Tell me now, or I will do the same right…" Ditto punched the grunt's groin and then stared into the eyes of the prisoner, "here," he finished.

    "Okay, I'll tell you who has the stash of puffins...Do you know the puffin man?" replied the grunt, biting his lip to relief the pain, if only a bit.

    "The puffin man?" question Ditto

    "The puffin man," repeated the grunt.

    "Yes, I know the puffin man, who lives on Drury Lane?"

    "Well, she's married to the puffin man."

    "The puffin man?"

    "The puffin man!"

    "So she's married to the puffin man…" replied Ditto, scratching his chin and storming ideas in his head.

    Soon after that the slide-up door opened. Garchomp was out side eating a bag of ground beef.

    "Ditto! Garchomp found it!" Garchomp yelled, throwing a car battery into the garage.

    "Alright. Thanks Garchomp. Take watch and I'll give you a sh*t load of puffins." Garchomp gave a toothy smile.

    "Tell me…Where is Blaziken…" Ditto said softly, approaching the prisoner.

    "Even if I do tell you. It wont be much help…" the grunt said, confused about what they were going to do next.

    "You really love to feel pain do you? Electivire…do your stuff," laughed Ditto, ripping the shirt off the grunt.

    "What are you doing! Rape! Rape!" cried the grunt, attempting to prevent him from ripping his shirt even more. But it was too late, his shirt was completely torn apart, revealing bare skin.

    "It's not rape when you accept it," said Ditto punching the man in the throat.

    Electivire left the work table to walk towards the prisoner. He had the car battery in his arms with jump cords connected to the battery. He settled on the floor beside the prisoner.

    "Molim...oprosti mi...moramučiniti," said Electivire taping the two jumper jaws together, creating sparks at contact with each other.

    "Wait…what did he say?" yelled the grunt double taking at Electivire and Ditto.

    "I think he said…Forgive him, he must do this…" replied Ditto, turning towards Garchomp, "call in for pick up. We're leaving once were done here."

    "Garchomp understand."

    Ditto then nods the pulls down the door. Then yells was been heard on the side. The screams made Garchamp cringe.


    "POW Camp", Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 0900 Hours.

    Blissey was keeling beside a earth soldier who looked extremely skinny and well beaten. There was a dozen more in a row beside them. They were multiple medics on sight, with Blissey treating the prisoners. Pidgeot was walking down the line of prisoners observing them, feeling slightly sorry for the men, until Mawile somehow appeared on the roof of a cabin near the group.

    "Pidgeot, she's not here." she said.

    "That's impossible! I was guaranteed she was here. My contact was sure that she's here," yelled Pidgeot quickly flying up and landing beside Mawile.

    "Looks like your contact Rick Rolled you. Hard."

    "You shut up, Mawile. I don't want to hear your nagging," growled Pidgeot pushing Mawile with his wing, trying to push her off the cabin.

    "So why are you listening!"

    "Why are you still talking?"

    "Drop the sh*t, both of you. No one here got Rick Rolled. We found many POWs that's all it matters," yelled Blissey, throwing two small pebbles at the two hitting them in the head, briefly stopping their small argument.

    "She's right. Mawile, help her out will ya'. But do it quick, we have to meet up Poliwrath in a few hours."

    "Whatever…pigeon muk…" mumbled Mawile quietly, jumping off the cabin and walking towards Blissey.

    "What?" yelled Pidgeot giving her a evil glare.

    "Nothing," replied Mawile giving Pidgeot a obviously fake smile, waving her hands.


    In the skies over New Nacrene City, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 0900 Hours.

    Infernape, Toxicroak and Sudowoodo suddenly ran out of a room that then exploded. Into a hallway that was on fire. It had multiple debris, such as previously killed crew members of the ship and much more stuff. The three take multiple lefts and rights trying to back track to the plane bay.

    "I knew this starship was rigged with natural gas explosives. I don't want to die in a ship! I don't," cried Sudowoodo, look like he was about to burst into tears.

    "I have one piece of advice for you then, run like hell!" screamed Toxicroak into Sudowoodo's face.

    After of five minutes to running through fire and sh*t in a tunnel. They finally arrived in the plane bay, which was previously wiped out of troops by the three, but was also on fire and covered in rubble. The three planes were still in one piece though, and they quickly dashed for their rides and entered them with ease.

    "Get in your fat *ss in the plane, turn on your sh*t on and fly out. There's no pressure if you f*ck up," added Babey.

    "There's no pressure! There's a sh*t load of pressure! If I mess up turning this on, I get smashed by that steal beam above me. If I'm able to turn on and fly out. My plane can malfunction drift to any direct and crash into any of other sh*t, and die! So now tell me there's no pressure!" screamed Sudowoodo.

    "…Just fly and live…dirt bag."

    The three were quickly able to turn on their planes and escape from flaming ship. They then proceeded to fly towards the main allied ship with a giant dog fight still going on.

    "She wasn't on that ship...alright, return to mother ship and get prep for the next mission. We'll rendezvous with the rest of Loyal in Fenton," said Sceptile.

    "Oh so I don't get tea and muffin time? Or a pony session?" added Toxicroak.

    "That's correct."

    "Sad face."


    On the borders of Juno Region and Benso Region, Juno Region side – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 0900 Hours.

    "Soldiers of Earth! Hold this line as if your life depended on it!" yelled Mazda. Standing in front of a wall of Earth troops ready for an all out battle.

    "That's it sir? That's your pre-battle speech?" said one of the troops surprised at the very short peptalk.

    "Yes," replied Mazda.

    "We're f*cked…" grumbled several of the earth troops.

    On the other side of the flat grassy plain, the horns of the axis forced echoes across the field and the armies began to charge towards the allies.

    "Archers, get ready to f*ck these foos' up!" yelled Gengar, putting his right hand up as the archers prepared to shoot.

    As the enemies' forces were about 5 meters away from the allies Gengar yelled, "f*ck em up!" and a wall of arrows launched into the air and slammed into the enemy army, putting down hundreds of enemy grunts. But the enemy forces just continued to charge, finally slamming into the allies, and there began the real battle.

    In the midst of the battle, a few troops were able to weasel their way out of the battle and enter a building and began launching arrows out of its windows. Gengar then disappeared from the field and reappeared in the building. He put his hands on two grunts.

    "I'm teleporting in yo' windows," he laughed in a sing-songy voice, before disappearing with the two. He then reappeared beside another grunt, scaring the other grunts. "I'm snatchin' yo' people up," Gengar grabbed another and disappeared. Reappearing over a grunt and slammed down on top of him, "Tryna' kill em'" disappeared again only to then appear in front of the three remaining grunts. "So y'all need to hide yo' Privates, hide yo' Lieutenants. And hide yo' Generals, cuz I'm killin' errbody out here!"

    Back on the battlefield Bibarel was doing the same old batting and bashing grunts.

    "Yeeeaaaa boy!" he shouted, enjoying the battle greatly.

    As he was able to swing again, when Gengar suddenly appears in front of his Kanabo. Gengar, seeing the Kanabo headed straight for his face, quickly goes into phase mode and the weapon goes right through.

    "Yo Bibarel, watch where you swing that sh*t!" yelled Gengar, chucking his death scythe into a group of grunts beheading them all, and then catching it with one hand.

    "Ignore, ignore!" yelled back Bibarel.

    After twenty minutes past and the Axis were winning. Almost all the allied troops were killed and the allies forces began to get weak.

    "Okay, there's too many of them. I think we should run away," said Bibarel looking over at Mazda.

    "Cloyster…" spit back Gengar.

    "No, he's right" quickly said Mazda smashing a grunt's head open.

    "What?" yelled the two.

    "Pull back! Pull back!" yelled Mazda out loud, ignoring his companions' befuddled expressions.

    The ally troops begin to fall back until out of nowhere a drop then flies into the battlefield and crashes into the troops killing them all. The doors opened and a 7 feet tall, steel armored, Trojan Blaziken step out of it, with Trojans Miltank, Shiftry, Sableye, and Grumpig behind her.

    "Hello Argonaut scums. We're here to eliminate you," she smiled taking out her dual axes.

    "Oh…It's her," whispered Bibarel.


    Next…Chapter 6 – Dittos Fortune - Part 1 - Super Fudge!

    Chapter Summary
    Once again sorry for the delay. Things happened. This chapter was more talking then explaining-ish. The teams were ongoing investigating of a MIA Argonaut all across Fortune. This is the chapter that first Introuces the new Loyal, Zoroark aka Rookie. A sudden mishappen of Infernape, Machamp and Frosty. Also if your wondering about the scene of the interrogation of the grunt and Ditto with the puffin man. It was a parody of the Shrek scene of that King dude and the Ginger bread man. "The muffin man" It was random and funny when I first saw it soo I incorporate it with the story. And will Mazda, Gengar and Bibarel get out of the Mexican stand off they are in with the Trojans. Well I know, but you dont HA!!

    Captain Zoroark - The newest member of Loyal.

    Planet Tender - The new home of the Argonauts.

    Major Hicks - A high ranking rocket grunt in the elite samurai Brigade. And currently a POW under the Trojans. He knows things...

    Puffin men - Unknown connection to Hicks, whom the Argonauts needs to know who the person it really.

    Trojan Blaziken - The Argonaut that Loyal as been looking for.

    The other Trojans were only in it for a few seconds, so they wont be really credit of there role.
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