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Originally Posted by wierddude22 View Post
not sure if it has been answered but i don't want to go through 820 pages

i have a warp in firered that warps you into a pokemon centre, my problem is the warp makes the player land in the middle
So you need to make sure that you have it connected to another warp inside the pokemon center. If you got it that far it means you have the Map No. and Map Name correct but you have to have the same To Warp No. as the No. in the pokemon center. Example: Outside the warp is has a To Warp No. of 1 and the warp inside has a No. of 1. They match so when you come in it places you there.

Originally Posted by Gimic View Post
Yeah, I know, but I always like Emerald version, mostly because tons of double battles and moving sprites. This game IS real, I played it nearly all, but in chinese it is nearly impossible to make to the end without emulation and saving all freakin' time...
Well then there are still solutions. First, off like I said its hard to add all 493 Pokemon, much less all 649, to Emerald due to lack of free space. If you could find someone who knows how to do it and is willing to do it then look around and do so. Although you can achieve most things like double battles (which is already in the games by default) and moving sprites in FireRed and Ruby that you can achieve in Emerald. This thread talks about moving people and Pokemon sprites. It's still not very easy at all and there may not be free space still.

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