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lol at Selene and Lucius... xD


...rather than Boreas' unruly mess of semi-long hair which mainly resembled a mop.
Boreas haven't yet found a way to fix his 'hair', huh?


Octa and Toxica's quarrel was really interesting, but oh, those damn ghost showed up... >=(


“Did you hear that, Toxica? This must be our lucky day!”

I'm gonna stop quoting every bit of Selene's insane-yet-happy sentences.
I'll go to the point... Selene was hilarious! xD


“Let's just look into her mind using our telepathy, then...”
I-I'd really rather not...
“I'll give it a try- OH GIRATINA!!! I-I'm out of here!” the Chandelure floated away, its flames burning green with terror, as the remaining ghosts seemed unsure of what to do.


Even re-reading this chapter gave me the same amount of lols. xD
This was a great chapter, as always, but this, by far, was full of Selene-nonsense. xD

And oh, I don't think I told you this yet, but I really love how you detail everything. It's really great 'cause it helps us readers to imagine the scenes in our heads without even using visual aids.

Keet at it~!
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