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Originally Posted by NothingPersonal View Post
Volc isn't uber material (Yay, 99% of all teams have a dragonite and stealth rock). Heatran and Dnite/Mence wall it because of resisting it's STABs. The only thing they have to fear is a random Hidden Power. Just make sure you bring a solid special wall and you should be fine. If you ban Volcarona, go ahead and ban the rest of the abusive pokes in gen 5 OU.
Yeah resisting its STAB doesnt mean they wall if. +1 Quiver Dance Fire Blast basically OHKO's Salamence in the sun i hope you are aware of that and also Dragonite is KO'd with Rocks up. If we assume "99% of teams have SR" it just helps Volcs uber case also because it removes all those flying counters you mention too.

Oh also, it sets up on like all viable special walls ? See Blissey and Jirachi.

Sr still isnt a good case for arguing something OU status and basically it being 100% relied on to beat said mon. See: Ho-oh. "99% of teams have Rotom-W and SR lets make Ho-oH Ou".

Originally Posted by TheBowsinator View Post
what? no! Stealth rocks, whether you like it or not, is a defining force of this meta. 50% every switch in with rocks in play is bad. Even if no rocks, its still not uber material. The best set, the bulky one, has only a fire and a bug move. Rock types wall it completely (most notably terrakion, and if it has scarf +1)

Rock types cant take a hit from it in the sun at all. Plus i could say same for Ho-Oh "Oh Rotom-W walls it". Terrakion HAS to be scarfed to beat it or it loses to Fire Blast in the sun no questions asked and thats resisted.

Situation - it has a couple quiver dances up

Response - Use a bulky water, rock type, or other wall.

Lol, bulky waters get set up on, in the sun especially. Volc can sweep entire rain dance teams pretty easily so something tells me Bulky waters really dont beat it. They cant do anything to like +6 sp.def which is what it will get on them with Chesto Rest set.

More checks - Aqua jet, Gyarados, Dragonite, Salamence, Heatran, and Terrakion <--MUST be scarfed, and Rain (unless rain abuser set) and sand.

Gyara, Nite and Mence are all basically OHkO'd in the sun by RESISTED +1 Fire Blast, as is Terrakion. Aqua Jet doesnt work in the sun. Volc sets up on RD teams quite easily as previously mentioned. What on sand can beat it lol ?
Originally Posted by revelp8 View Post
the arguments you guys put up are really weak imo "I've never had problems with Volcarona, personally."

The WHOLE point is to discuss whether it warrants a ban to ubers, not if you don't have any problems dealing with it [/rant]

On the other issue, I don't believe that volcarona warrants a ban. There are quite a few checks.

Stealth Rock.

"Ho-Ou please". Plus you need to run SR + ghost to ensure you dont get spun on which all good Volc users use or they are stupid. Magic Bounce too but lol.

Phazers, unless last poke. volcarona always run quiver dance, though it would be awesome to see a choice specs user...hrmmm (plots) anyways...

What Phazers beat it in the sun bar Heatran (sort of) ?

Latio's LO Draco Meteor outright OHKOs volcarona, though leftovers Latios draco meteor should be wary, as volcarona usually run a lot of HP, and has a great base sp def, and has a good chance of tanking the hit, QDing up and bug buzzing for the kill.

Um no. Cant switch in or revenge kill. Draco Meteor is doing nothing to +2 Sp.Def which is what Volc will have if you switch Latios in.

Dragonite's ES 2HKOs all volcarona, though it should be wary of flame body. even if it does get burned, volcarona is usually at a low enough health that it wouldn't matter. Dnite should be wary of the rest set, as by then it will most likely have been burned and volca will be at full health.

Yep 2HKO in the sun whilst you're OHKO'd back in return by +1 NON LO Fire Blast in the sun with SR up.

Heatran's roar. if last poke, lulz volcarona will power thru with bug buzz. if sun is up and volcarona has at least 1 QD, heatran's Fire Blast 2HKOs.

Heatran is a viable counter. Apart from the fact that most sun teams have Dugtrio or plus you run the risk of HP Ground on offensive Volc. That and last Poke Volc does indeed set up on Heatran who if has Roar is S.Def meaning it runs Lava Plume and not Fire Blast which would be too weak on a sp.def set anyway to beat last poke Volc. Unless you run offensive Heatran with Fire Blast + Roar but really what does that accomplish lol.

Politoed. drizzle + water STAB. also toxic and perish song.

Boosted Bug Buzz does MASSIVE damage to Politoed. Nothing on rain really beats Volc well at all as most of the stuff is +6 +6 +6 bait for the Chesto Rest set.

I guess tyranitar could be considered a check in some ways, as more players are running the sp def sets, but its 2HKOd if volca has at least 1 QD.

Taking like 82% from a move at best would not be a good check IMO.

and all these are OU, and commonly used.
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