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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    Boreas haven't yet found a way to fix his 'hair', huh?

    Well, if he really wanted to he could probably get a haircut and put his hair back into the standard Glaceon's three-diamond style, but the truth is he doesn't really care about it enough and lets it hang loose and longer than it should be instead. Aqua's probably the only one who could get him to spend the effort to put his hair in that style, but she probably likes Boreas better as his hair is now.

    Octa and Toxica's quarrel was really interesting, but oh, those damn ghost showed up... >=(
    Heh, they'll continue their quarrel later.

    And oh, I don't think I told you this yet, but I really love how you detail everything. It's really great 'cause it helps us readers to imagine the scenes in our heads without even using visual aids.

    Keet at it~!
    Thanks, I didn't realise I put that much detail in things, but I'm glad it's appreciated.

    Chapter Forty-Seven: Never Odd or Even
    Boreas ran, almost skipped, through the tall grass, hearing his pursuer follow him. “I'm going to get you!” she called after him.
    Not with that lovely tail slowing you down, love!” He called back, laughing. “In water it might make you faster, but here on land it only slows you down!”
    Ha, you underestimate my speed!” Aqua shouted through ragged breaths.
    Then catch me if you can! You'll never get me!”
    Well, even if I don't catch up to you, at least you look real good from this angle,” She flirted as she kept pursuing him.
    He blushed and suddenly - and not entirely unintentionally - he tripped over a plant. He fell to the ground and rolled onto his back, letting Aqua jump on top of him and pin him down. “Well, well, looks like I caught my delicious prey after all...” Boreas felt his heart pound loudly in his chest as she lowered her head to kiss him, but then she suddenly turned away, put her front paws on his stomach, and starting tickling.
    Ahahaha-” Boreas laughed as his limbs began flailing uncontrollably. “Don't, don't- hahaha- stohohop it!”
    Don't stop it?” Aqua said with a wide grin. “Okay, then I won't. I'll keep tickling forever.”
    Hahaha- Nononono-” Boreas laughed as he tried to stop her, but found it impossible with his limbs flailing with laughter. “That's not- ahahaha- What I meaheant! C'mon- hahaha- stop it!”
    Never! I'll keep tickling and tickling for ever and ever. Unless you make me stop.”
    Boreas tried to grab a hold of her paws to make her stop, but he couldn't. “I cahahahan't! Hahaha- you're pinning mehihi down! I surrender- hahaha!”
    But Aqua kept tickling, with a mean grin on her face. “If you surrendered, that means I'm the victor, and to the victor go the spoils of war. So... What do I get for winning?”
    Hahaha,” Boreas still laughed hysterically, his belly beginning to hurt from all this. “Whahahat about a kihihiss?”
    Hmm...” Aqua said as she lay down on top of him, stopped tickling for a moment, and brought her radiant grin to Boreas' mouth. “We can start with that. But since you surrendered unconditionally,” she spoke, looking into Boreas' eyes with a look that made his toes curl, his blood boil, and his mouth water, “you're mine to do with as I please afterwards...”
    They kissed full of fire, their nervous systems overflowing with delight. When their lips parted, Boreas tried to move, but found that Aqua was still pinning him down with her slightly greater strength, weight, and size. She looked down on him with a beautiful grin. “Ah, ah, ah,” she said as if berating a naughty cub as Boreas felt her paws slide back to his stomach.
    Fortunately, he had an idea that would gain him the upper hand. He approached her face once again, letting their lips touch softly; but this time he tried very hard not to lose himself in the kiss, instead he suddenly grabbed Aqua and rolled over, using her momentary distraction with the kiss to gain the upper hand.
    Ha ha!” Boreas laughed triumphantly at Aqua's surprised face. “Now who's the victor, my dear?”
    Neither of us. Because I have not surrendered. And I never will. You can do with me what you wish, but you'll never get me to surrender...”
    Oh, really? Let's try that, hmm?” Boreas looked at her deviously as he put his front paws on Aqua's soft, blue tummy and began tickling her, causing her to break out in high-pitched nervous giggles. “What about now?” Boreas asked with a grin.
    Hihihi- Never!” Boreas kept tickling as she laughed, but suddenly he jerked back with a nervous yelp as Aqua poked his stomach. She immediately threw him off her and pounced him. But he swiftly reacted and grabbed her as she landed, trying to subdue her, but she wildly wrestled with him as they both laughed and enjoyed the warm touch of each other's body pressed against them. Boreas even managed to steal a quick kiss as they rolled over each other. Wrestling and hugging at the same time, they suddenly rolled onto a small slope; gravity increased their momentum and made them keep rolling and rolling. Boreas held Aqua in a tight embrace as the world spun around them. She brought her blue mouth to his neck and began covering it with passionate kisses, so Boreas felt even dizzier than from just the spinning. He repaid her in kind by kissing her forehead and her fins, softly stroking her frilled collar. When they stopped rolling at last, they lay next to each other in a dizzy embrace.
    He stared into Aqua's face, mesmerised by her while the world still seemed to spin around them. Her soft blue lips and eyes like the sea at night seemed particularly enchanting now and a warm, tender feeling spread from his heart like a bottle of warm syrup being emptied over him. He burst with adoration for his sweet, gorgeous Aqua, suddenly realising how much he'd come to love her. He would give anything for her, even his own life, he realised, and he'd do it happily too. Unimaginable though it was, it felt even stronger than being in love on its own did. Reminded of Octa's stellar metaphor, he now realised being in love was more like the bright flashes at the beginning of a star's life than the star's endless life-sustaining flames itself. This feeling, however, was much more like a star. A bright, blazing warm star that shone for Aqua in his heart and illuminated his entire being.
    I love you,” Boreas whispered softly. Aqua's radiant smile displayed a combination of surprise, love, and happiness as he kissed her softly. “I... Just realised that...” he whispered as they remained close enough to have barely a centimetre between their faces. “I have known I was... in love with you since the first day we met... but now I really love you. Y-you're... the most lovely, amazing creature in the universe... Every second with you... Is a delight. There is no-one I'd rather be with than you... My beautiful Aqua...”
    Aqua softly dried the tears of joy that had formed in Boreas' eyes with her paw. “Yes... I love you too, Boreas...” Though he had perhaps expected this answer, to hear those four amazing words from her enticing blue mouth filled him with extreme happiness. “I have said some stupid things to you in the past, but now everything is clearer to me than it ever has been... I love you, and you're the perfect mate for me...”
    They hugged tenderly, happy to simply be together. All the horribly hard times that had befallen Boreas lately were completely forgotten now as Aqua softly stroked his face and back, while he did the same to her, caressing her every square centimetre of soft, blue-furred flesh.
    Oh dear, your muscles are all knotted up...” whispered Aqua.
    Are they?” Boreas asked in surprise. That did not sound like a good thing.
    Yeah, they are. Must've been all the worry I caused you lately. It seems only fair I should also solve it, then...” she left the loving embrace, to Boreas' disappointment, told him to lie down on his stomach. Then she sat down on his lower back, softly massaging his muscles with her front paws. Boreas hummed in delectation at her tender paws caressing him like that and blushed a slight purple.
    Mmm...” he purred, “that feels... ahh... so amazing... Your paws are... so tender... Hmm... A bit higher...”
    She gently rubbed his shoulders and neck, relieving tension Boreas hadn't even realised was there, before she gently moved down his back, occasionally centring around a single spot for a long time, as Boreas just happily lay on his stomach, blushing and smiling inanely. After his back, she softly kneaded his tail over its entire length, bringing even greater relief to Boreas. Then she lay down on his back, embracing him.
    I... I can barely believe how lucky I am to be with a bloke like you...” Aqua whispered in his ear, her voice dripping with adoration.
    Boreas turned around under her and softly kissed her beautiful, blushing face. “How lucky we are to be with each other,” he bettered as he rubbed her back, noticing the muscles there seemed hard and cramped, quite like what he would describe as “knotted up”. “It feels like you could use a massage as well. Lie down and let me help you...”
    With another touch of their lips, Aqua lay down. Boreas sat down onto her back, careful not to hurt her delicate form by sitting down too roughly. He put his paws on her shoulders with a deep blush and began kneading her soft flesh gently, feeling every muscle of that beautiful creature he so adored. Aqua made happy sounds of delight as she blushed deeply as well. Tracing her muscles and her foxy shape with desire, Boreas felt as if it was getting warmer by the minute, though the Sun was setting.
    Hmm?” Aqua asked playfully, “what's that I feel, my love?”
    N-nothing,” Boreas said, ashamed.
    Aqua turned around under him and looked down. “I'd hardly call that nothing...” she said with admiration.
    Don't apologise, and don't be ashamed, my love... I want this as much as you... Kiss me.”
    He did so, and she kissed back with such amazingly fiery passion that Boreas stopped inhibiting his desires and let all his passion for Aqua pour into the kiss as he rubbed her with more and more love.

    Boreas panted in exhaustion and supreme gratification as he lay next to Aqua, both heavily flushed and sweating after their long, intense exertion that had ended a few minutes earlier. Boreas was more overwhelmed with love than he'd ever been. Everything about her was so intensely, overwhelmingly attractive. Everything from her scent, to the way her hips moved when she walked, to her eyes attracted him, but that was not what he really loved. He really loved what was inside her head, her loving, clever, flirtatious mind. He would happily have done the same with her if she'd been hideous.
    Aqua snuggled up to him and he felt her rapid heartbeat under her warm, flushed skin. “You... were amazing... my lovely Boreas...” she panted.
    Thank you,” Boreas said as he snuggled up to her as well. “That was... The most brilliant thing I've ever felt... It was...” he futilely searched for words.
    Aqua put a finger on his lips and brushed his hair out of his face very affectionately. “Shhh, my love, don't bother. I know. And I know there are no words that suffice it... You were such an amazing, gentle lover...”
    They lay in each others' embrace, catching their breath back as they looked up to the night sky without much thought for quite a while. But then Aqua began kissing Boreas once again in rapid succession as she snuggled even closer to him.
    Mmm, you are -mmm- truly insatiable, aren't you?” Boreas asked between kisses.
    Oh,” Aqua said disappointedly as she stopped. “Sorry. I... figured you'd feel up for it again...”
    I wonder:” Boreas asked with a sly smile, “do you ask for a fourth plate at dinner too?”
    S-sorry...” Aqua blushed even deeper than she already was.
    Don't worry,” Boreas laughed as he held her closer and began kissing her again, “I'm insatiable as well!”

    Boreas awoke softly in Aqua's arms. He opened his eyes and saw her pretty face, sleeping with a happy smile on it. He blushed and smiled as he remembered how they had fallen asleep the night before, more exhausted than they'd ever been before. He stroked her pointy ears softly and tenderly as he remembered the wild, passionate flurry. Aqua chuckled in her sleep, snuggled up even closer to him, and softly muttering his name, making Boreas' heart pound loudly and his mind fill with adoration for her. He couldn't help himself and kissed her soft blue lips tenderly.
    Mmm... Boreas?” Aqua muttered as she opened her black eyes slowly.
    The very same,” Boreas smiled as he continued lightly kissing her.
    Lucky me,” giggled Aqua between kisses, “to be – mmm – awoken by the kisses of my beautiful Boreas... Mmm, last night was... fun.”
    You must be the luckiest Vaporeon in the world,” Boreas laughed, “and I think to describe last night as “fun” is quite the understatement.”
    Boreas,” said Aqua in a mock-insulted voice as she jokingly pushed him away from her, “I'll have you know I don't like arrogant males at all.”
    Then why have you,” said Boreas as he returned to kissing her, “fallen so hopelessly in love with me?”
    I have not,” Aqua giggled as she kept playfully resisting, whilst at the same time reciprocating Boreas' kisses, “fallen in -mmm- love with you...”
    Oh, I think you -mmm- have, my dearest.”
    Really? Do -mmm- you have any proof -mmm- of that?”
    Well, mmm- I think I remember you -mmm- uttering the words “I love you, Boreas” on -mmm- nine different occasions yesterday. It's -mmm- possible I misheard, of course, but since you -mmm- almost screamed those words on five of those occasions it would be quite hard...”
    Lies,” Aqua whispered as she kept kissing him, “all lies... You're a -mmm- liar... My beautiful, clever -mmm- liar...”
    They smooched for a while more, then just rested in each other's arms. “I love you, Aqua,” Boreas sighed in joy, “and I want to spend every day of my life with you... Not to mention every night...”
    Then what's stopping us?” Aqua whispered in his ear. “My offer of travelling wherever we want together still stands, my love.”
    Boreas thought about it. Then he answered. “Last time you gave me that offer, I declined it. I have regretted that choice ever since. First came the lovesickness of being separated from you... Then Capella died and I blamed myself in so many different ways, and thought she wouldn't have died if I'd taken your offer... Then I learnt you were with N, and I absolutely hated myself for not taking your offer, as you'd never have joined him if I had... But, despite all that, it is the right choice. I'm sorry, my love, but Team Plasma has to be stopped. I can't leave my friends to fight them alone. I want to take your offer more than anything in the world, but I can't.”
    The silence as Boreas feared Aqua would be angry or insulted was dreadful. But then she said: “I understand, my love.”
    You do?”
    Yes. I understand this is important to you. Black saved your life, just as humans have always threatened mine. They have always helped you, just like they have always endangered me. If our lives had been the other way around, I would probably fight for the bond between humans and pokémon as well.”
    I'm glad you understand.”
    Of course I do; I love you and I will support you to the end. But, our lives are not the other way around. And if our lives had been the other way around, you would see the need to separate humans and pokémon, just as I do. I will go back to my friends, and I will help N bring his new world about. I hope you can forgive me, my love.”
    Boreas felt a rogue spark of anger, but his love for Aqua quenched it quickly. He couldn't hate her or be angry at her, no matter what. “I have forgiven you a few days ago. I can accept you returning to N, much though I think it's the wrong choice. You support Team Plasma, I oppose them, and I'm not letting this come between us again.”
    Neither am I. I will not fight you again, no matter what. And when this is all over, we can be together... For as long as we want.”
    Boreas sighed. “I look forward to that so much... I... I do want to ask you one thing, since you're going back to N: Please be careful of Diego.”
    Diego is my friend, Boreas,” Aqua stated, suddenly with quite a lot less love in her voice.
    Well, you see... I caught him looking at you. The way he looked at you terrified me. He looked almost hungry... Please, be careful of him. I... Don't want him to hurt you...”
    He may have been quite cruel to you,” Aqua said with a clear spark of anger in her voice, “but that does not make him a rapist.”
    I-I wasn't suggesting that.”
    You were, though.”
    Alright, maybe a bit... But there's not just that... He also knows now how much I love you... He knows he could hit me hardest by hurting you... I don't want him to do that.”
    He is my friend, Boreas, he'd never do anything to me.”
    Please, you don't know him like I do.”
    Well, obviously. I mean, I only spent six weeks around him as a friend, while you spent half-an-hour with him while you were trying to beat each other to pieces. Obviously, I am not nearly as qualified as you to determine his character.”
    Okay, so maybe you know him better. But still... He's very cruel, and he could hurt me so much by hurting you... Please promise me you'll be careful about him...”
    Fine, does that make you happy? Now let's stop talking about Diego when there's so many better topics to talk about.”
    Alright, thank you,” said Boreas, though he knew Aqua was not taking Diego nearly seriously enough, no matter what he said. “Since we have made our plans, I guess we'd better get going if we want to catch up with our friends...”
    Aqua giggled. “Don't worry, my love. The destinations of both N and Black are Icirrus City. I know it's high up in the White Mountains; and we can't even see them yet, though these are flat plains.”
    So?” Boreas asked.
    My dear, have you ever seen a mountain in real life?”
    Come to think of it, I don't think so. I've seen hills, though. Why?”
    Well, my family's home was close to the eastern end of the White Mountains, so I have seen them, and I'll tell you the single most important feature of every mountain: they're gigantic. It is unbelievable how immense even a small mountain is, and the White Mountains go up to almost six kilometres.”
    I know.”
    Well, you know, but you probably don't really realise it. When you first see the mountains, you'll be utterly surprised at how gigantic they are; larger than anything you had previously imagined possible. You can see mountains from enormous distances because of their size; that's how I know Icirrus must be really far away: we can't even see the White Mountains yet. It must be weeks away, maybe even more than a month if we're lucky. So you see, there's no need for us to rush; if we just walk together in the right direction each day, we will eventually catch up, and we have weeks to do so.”
    Hehe, I really like the sound of that... Spending weeks together with you... But catching up will be difficult; I have the feeling we'll be wasting a lot of time on the way there...”
    Well, that depends on what you call wasted time,” Aqua winked.
    Of course,” said Boreas. He kissed Aqua, deciding the best time to waste time was now.

    Boreas sighed as he saw the familiar tent between the trees. “I'm sorry to say it, but that's definitely Black's tent...”
    Aqua chuckled. “Look on the bright side: you'll get to be with your friends again.”
    Yeah,” sighed Boreas, “but I won't get to be with you any more, my love.”
    Aqua rested her head on his shoulder and ran a paw through his hair. “These three weeks with you have been blissful. But all good things must come to an end.”
    Boreas stroke her ears and frilled neck. “No. All things must come to an end, both good and bad things. Especially the bad things, in fact... I already can't wait until our next meeting.”
    Aqua chuckled and whispered something in Boreas' ear that made him blush deeply. “Especially now... You know, I'm probably not going to sleep very well, thinking of you all the time.”
    Aqua laughed and kissed him. “You weren't sleeping very well anyway.”
    Boreas chuckled and poked her. “That's because you were keeping me up all the time, you silly, lovely girl.”
    They kissed each other for an incredibly long time, to say goodbye. Then Aqua walked off through the forest, quickly invisible behind trees, yet Boreas kept staring after her, resisting the urge to run after her. Finally he sighed and entered the tent.
    Wah!” Black shouted as he startled awake. “Who are you? Get the hell out of my te- Boreas?!” Black hugged him as his pokémon also approached. “Boreas, I thought you had left forever!” He laughed happily. “Welcome back, you're looking great! Heh, that Vaporeon must've been taking good care of you! You know, you nearly gave me a heart attack when you suddenly entered the tent in the middle of the night!”
    Uh. Y-yeah, hi Black,” Boreas stammered, startled by the warm welcome.
    As soon as Black let go of him, Boreas was firmly hugged by Octa. “My dear fellow, may I say what a pleasure it is to see you once again! I have quite honestly missed your presence, my friend, and I do hope you will endeavour not to be missing from my side for quite so long again, my dear fellow.”
    Boreas was still overwhelmed by the warm welcome as Selene and Toxica happily welcomed him too, though he thought he spotted an uncharacteristically angry look from Toxica to Octa. “Wow, thanks. I missed you all as well; especially you, Octa.”
    Lucius was treating him to an unpleasant scowl, though. “Well, well, look who's back from sleeping with the enemy!”
    In other circumstances this might've made Boreas angry, but the memory to the time spent with Aqua and the warm welcome he'd been given made that pretty much impossible. “Oh, there was actually not much sleeping involved... Hehe, we didn't leave much time for sleeping... In fact, I'm quite tired now...”
    Lucius grimaced. “Oh, very funny, pup. But you've been sleeping with the enemy, both literally and figuratively.”
    That's quite enough,” said Octa.
    No, it isn't. Your girlfriend is partially responsible for Capella's death, and you dishonoured her memory with this, when you shoulda been getting revenge! If it was up to me, we'd chase you off the team right now!”
    How fortunate, then,” said Octa, “that it is not up to you, for we would lose a highly valued friend and team member that way.”
    Lucius began bickering with Octa, and Boreas really thought he should support Octa's position, but he was indeed very tired and fell asleep almost instantaneously when he lied down.
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