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    Ignitus heard someone yell, above the din of the battle, and then a flash of purple light sruck her in the side as she was running and spun her 90 degrees, which convieniently put her adversary in view. It had been a psyco cut, and particulary powerful as well. Only a memeber of Gold Tribe could be so strong. Not that the attack hurt too much, Ignitus was able to take immense amounts of pain and damage without it hindering her ability to fight. Although, the faster she got this battle over with the better. She wanted to save her strength, this would not be the last battle.

    She took a moment to study her opponent. He was a Gallade, slightly shorter it seemed. Various scars laced his body, which was not unusual for any who made their life in battles. What was interesting though was his eyes, one red, the other gray. He also carried a bracer on his arm, armed with a large claw attatched to it. No doubt the claw would be used against Ignitus, she would have to figure out a way around it.

    As she was studying her opponent, her eyes locked with his, an Ancient started to charge at the Gallade. Ignitus immediately broke eye contact with the Gallade and snapped at the pokemon, "STOP! He is mine!" The Ancient backed off, obviously not eager to upset a Sentienl. Ignitus looked back at the Gallade, then started to attack.

    Her strategy was quite simple, get inside his guard. The bracer on his arm was unwieldly, and would slow him down, especially on that arm. If she got closer to the Gallade, it would become more awkward for his to try to counter with the bracer. She would have to unbalance him before going in for any close range attacks first though, get him off his guard and stun him for a moment.

    Ignitus quickly used a flamethrower, expecting that the Gallade would block it with his bracer, or dodge out of the way. If anything, the flamethrower was more to blind the pokemon, and keep him from seeing properly for a moment. After a moment she ended the flamethrower and searched for the figure of the Gallade in the quickly clearing smoke of the last attack. She found the figure, and launched four shadow balls at it, then used flame charge to attack the Gallade physically. Right before she struck, she also used superpower in addition to the flame charge, hoping to do as much damage as possible and end the battle quickly.
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