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    The article you have reached is entirely text as of this time. If you are offended by such material, please turn away now.

    As a teenage girl prepares to go to sleep on the night of her graduation, she asks her parents about a legend she heard. What she knows of is two new trainers going on a Pokémon journey, and that they save the region from an evil organization with help from their best friend.

    The girl's father says the story is much deeper than that. He says that each person involved in the story had their own problem and that each person was different. The girl's mother says that although the short story seems simple to her, the full version is incredibly deep, intricate, and able to swing the moods of those who hear of it.

    The girl says she's read the full version, but her father says that the "real" full version has never been put on paper; the people involved in the story have never recalled the inner details for reporters, and acted as if it never happened to begin with. This was because they were modest people who did not desire to be famed, nor live lives that were surrounded in such fame. However, he also states that he knows each and every detail by heart. His daughter asks him to tell it all to her, so he begins to recount the story.

    "It happened only twenty-one years ago..."

    Region Background: Little background has been created on the Heiko region. It is well known throughout the region that the people who initially settled in the area were following the paths of the Legendary Beast Trio (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune) as they traveled the world in ancient times, not very long after the incident that burned the Brass Tower in Johto. Suicune was given particular interest. It is also known that some 84 years prior to the game's events, the villainous team was created as a small band of malicious trainers.

    Pokemon Theory:
    Arceus and Mew: This theory suggests that along with the Creation and Lake Trios, Arceus created a single Mew. This Mew contained DNA from the original 7 Pokémon only because it was created with the same method; a part of Arceus’s genetic material combined with molecules specifically arranged to give it certain abilities. This Mew proceeded to multiply, and the Mew that followed multiplied indefinitely. Over millions of years, the vast majority of Mew have slowly evolved into Pokémon and humans alike, their Pokémon forms being able to evolve further and in sudden bursts. Though Mew is a powerful Pokémon, it is extremely rare due to a combination of this evolution and overhunting.

    Deoxys Phenomena: Scientists confirmed that Deoxys was a mutated alien virus many years ago, but the form of radiation it was exposed to to cause this mutation has only just recently been brought to light. As it turns out, Deoxys was mutated by radiation released by a solar flare as it was flying into our atmosphere. Normally, the radiation would have killed the virus, but it was just passing through the ozone layer and therefore had lethal radiation levels blocked out. Deoxys, although able to change at will, can only do when in or around areas or objects that have been exposed to the same kind of radiation in the past.

    More theories to be posted in the future!

    Characters: The main protagonists consist of the player, his/her rivals Dusk and Jake, and his/her best friend Ryan. The Professor is a smart young woman under the name of Isabella Tansy (tansy is a plant), who studies Pokemon myths. The player's mother is roughly 35 years of age, and at the time of the game's events, the player, Dusk, and Jake are all about 14, with Ryan being 16. All four main protagonists have a background in martial arts, although this has no effect on gameplay (unless someone decides to stick in Mortal Kombat mechanics, just kidding!). Any form of martial arts may or may not be shown in the game, and if so only in cutscenes. Character profiles are in the spoilers below.

    Player (male-oriented pronouns; there is no change in story depending on gender)
    The player character in this game can be described as a quiet, intelligent young man with a knack for Pokémon battling. As a child he took karate classes alongside those who would become his best friends: Dusk, Jake, and Ryan. All four showed exceptional skill in comparison to other students and eventually defeated the master. The player in this game is far more vocal than the silent player characters in previous games, although remaining quiet and only really speaking during cutscenes. He also lost his father before he was born, leaving his identity unknown. In martial arts, the player specializes in the use of shurikens. Either gender has brown hair and green eyes.

    Dusk can be described as beautiful, yet manipulative and snide. She comes off as pretty as well as emotionless, yet has a better capability of opening up to people she considers close, which mainly consists of the player, Jake, and Ryan. She lost her father when she was an infant. Dusk doesn’t initially come off as mean, in fact at first glance she is often seen as kind-faced and incredibly beautiful, but people soon figure out otherwise, especially in karate classes. In martial arts, Dusk is exceptionally skilled with nun-chucks. She has long, dark-brown hair and blue eyes.

    This is the funny guy in the group. Jake is a little taller than the player and Dusk, and always has a loose gray sweatshirt on with baggy wind pants. He also sports a straw hat which conceals most of his silver hair (like Yellow in Pokémon Adventures), only his sideburns remain. His eyes are golden. At that, he often comes off as humorous and yet sometimes smart. Jake is an airhead and often forgets things, but he can be insightful and even resourceful at times. He is 5’ 9”, which is a few inches taller than Dusk and the player, who are both 5’ 5”. In martial arts, Jake is the most natural at using his environment to his advantage, i.e. a loose floorboard.

    Ryan is the most enigmatic and intelligent member of the group. He is best friends with and often hangs out with the player, Dusk, and Jake despite being two years older. He is a little bit taller than Jake, about 6’ 0”. Ryan often comes off as melancholy and lonely, but gives off a vibe that he actually prefers being alone in comparison to being with other people. His father is Unova’s Grimsley, and the two are almost identical in appearance and wardrobe. His face is often expressionless and he doesn’t speak out much, but when he feels very strongly about something he turns into a completely different person; he can yell and even get physical with people simply from the strength of his feelings. Ryan was always a quiet, intelligent introvert, but there was a time recently when he was a much happier person and talked so much that he actually made a lot of friends, but this only lasted about a year before it spiraled back into his original, lonely state and he left his friends on his own accord. In martial arts, Ryan is a master at swordsmanship and seems capable of pulling just about any saber-related weapon from hammer space. Like Grimsley, Ryan has black hair and ghostly blue eyes.

    Other Characters: While the main characters play central roles in the game and develop on their own, there are other characters that develop and induce development upon one another, including main characters.
    Hope: She is never actually seen in the game, but she is mentioned and referred to many times by Ryan. While being a major secondary character, she also serves as a major plot device and inspires certain things throughout the game. Hope has been described as the most beautiful girl that Heiko has ever been lucky enough to house.
    Mother: The player's mother! She has brown hair and brown eyes, leaving the player character's green eyes to his/her father. Your mother is a calm, collected woman who doesn't show much excitement even when she's blown to bursting, which is probably for the better. At 35, she is an active woman who went on a Pokemon journey of her own and defeated the former Champion.
    Isabella Tansy: A smart young woman of 25, with blonde hair and dark eyes. She hands you, Dusk, and Jake each an Eevee, leaving you with many different choices as to what you would like your starter to be capable of (you can adapt its evolution to its nature and other Pokemon you want on your team, for example). Though weak, you have the opportunity to catch other Pokemon as soon as you can walk into tall grass.

    Events: This game's events are in direct correlation with events from the real Pokemon games. Events from all Pokemon games are mentioned as past events as the events of this game take place 20 years after Red takes the Champion title, so 17 years after Red is defeated at Mt. Silver. This being said, it is assumed that the events of Pokemon Black & White took place between 9-13 years prior to this game.

    At first, the player, Dusk, and Jake are simply starting their Pokemon journeys. Each one gets an Eevee (which can be evolved into any of the Eeveelutions, but patience may be required). Things take an abrupt turn for the worse when the villainous team, Iniquita (also tentative), makes an appearance as early as Team Plasma did, in the first town over. The leader reveals himself and his goals right then and there and subsequently disappears, leaving the player in a daze as to what just happened. Throughout the game, things get much darker for the player and for the Heiko region as Team Iniquita quickly gains power. Everything the player and his friends ever knew will reveal a much darker side, for better or for worse. All in the mean time, an ancient evil is hiding where you'd least expect it...

    Each character in the game develops in his/her own way. The player is vocal, so his/her opinions and thoughts are stated. Dusk must come to terms with her heritage, Jake must figure himself out, and Ryan must learn to move on after losing what he considered most dear. The player has his/her own problems to deal with, and even the mother and professor experience some development!

    Team Iniquita's activities date back 84 years as a petty little band. At this point it has grown into a nationwide concern, even having initiated terrorist attacks. Their goal is revealed at the beginning of the game, but their means of accomplishing it are uncertain until later on.

    The whole plot has been laid out already, but I'm not prepared to reveal much more just yet ;)

    Gym Leaders: Their names are as follows. Their types are now available (hit 1000 views!).
    Dax (Dragon*), Errol (Steel), Cassandra (Ground), Alice (Ice), Crusher (Fighting), Madison (Psychic), Diego (Ghost), Blake (Dark)
    *Dax has no Dragon-type Pokemon when you first fight him.
    Gym Leader Bios:
    Dax: Dax is the Dragon-type Gym Leader. He is a very collected young man with an ironically cold demeanor. Dax is shown to be a very caring individual when he shows up and consoles Dusk, upon all of her Pokémon getting stolen by Team Iniquita. While he’s known as a Dragon Tamer, he hasn’t actually captured any Dragon-type Pokémon; he uses a Swablu and a Horsea. He is eventually able to capture his own Dragon-type Pokémon and becomes a powerful Dragon Tamer.

    Errol: Errol is the Steel-type Gym Leader. He’s a 19 year-old nerd with a penchant for invention. After losing his left arm in an Aggron related accident (it’s implied to have been bitten off), he invented his own bionic arm. This accident also caused him to gain more respect for Steel-type Pokémon. He has no fascination in stones, so he gives the player a Fire Stone he found after he’s beaten (which may be used to evolve the Eevee starter). Errol is described as an eccentric teenager who spends all of his time in the Gym or in the laboratory.

    Cassandra: Cassandra is the Ground-type Gym Leader. She’s 25, brash, and hotheaded. Cassandra comes from the Sinnoh region, and her first Pokémon as a Trainer was a Turtwig. While she had no fascination with Grass-types, she was amazed by the evolved Torterra’s Ground-type techniques and decided to make them her specialty. Her Torterra was left in Sinnoh after it fell ill, and it’s implied to be roughly level 70.

    Alice: Alice is the Ice-type Gym Leader. The fourth Gym is actually located in your own hometown, but is inaccessible because it’s higher on the snowy hill you live on. Alice is 13 years old, and incredibly shy. She tries to put on a serious face when she faces her challengers, but gets discouraged very easily. Her fascination with Ice-type Pokémon stems from the town she’s lived in all her life; your hometown. Before you battle, you save her pet Glameow and become friends with her, so she feels confident around you and puts up a strong fight.

    Crusher: Crusher is the Fighting-type Gym Leader. People refer to him by his old wrestling name instead of his real name; John. Crusher used to be a sumo wrestler, but suffered from cardiac arrest one day and almost died. He has since gone on a diet, and after years of work he’s now a muscular, brawny, middle-aged man. Since he trained with Fighting-type Pokémon, he uses them in battle as he knows them so well.

    Madison: Madison is the Psychic-type Gym Leader and the first member of the Mystic Trio. The Mystic Trio makes up the final three Gym Leaders in Heiko, and they have been described as enigmatic and difficult to defeat. Madison is a psychic with powers over illusions and telekinesis, both of which she uses to her advantage before you battle her. She is capable of telecommunication, but only with Psychic-type Pokémon and other psychics due to their strong connections. Though she tries to appear emotionless, sometimes she can’t help but smile or even freak out.

    Diego: Diego is the Ghost-type Gym Leader and the second member of the Mystic Trio. He used to be a lawyer, but was later sentenced to death on murder charges. Failed euthanasia and twelve electric chairs later, he was released and is now believed to be an immortal human being. This is supported by the fact that he overcame brain cancer stage 4 and tuberculosis at the same time. Since he’s been on death’s doorstep so many times, he uses Ghost-type Pokémon as a relation to his overcoming of death.

    Blake: Blake is the Dark-type Gym Leader, the final Gym Leader, and the third member and leader of the Mystic Trio. Though the other two members have tried time and again, they could never defeat him (probably because of the type disadvantage). He’s a 10 year-old magician boy who isn’t above using illusions and tricks to get a win in battle, but he still qualifies as a Gym Leader since he just uses tricky strategies. How he became such a strong Gym Leader at his age is still unknown to this day, but it’s said that the Champion pulled some strings…

    Elite Four: (Hit 1500 views) The Elite Four are battled in the following order, and their types are as follows: Arnold (Grass), Calvin (Electric), Billy (Rock), Gayle (Flying)
    Elite Four Bios:
    Arnold: Arnold is a calm, 105 year-old man who doesn't like hostility or conflict. Despite this, he is more than capable on the battlefield. Arnold is capable of covering most of the Grass-type's many weaknesses, and is able to use almost any weather condition to his advantage. He specializes in inflicting status ailments of all sorts onto your Pokémon.

    Calvin: Calvin is about 40 years old, and always itching for a fight. He's a belligerent man to the point that only Arnold is capable of calming him down when he gets riled up. Calvin prefers rain over all other weather conditions, and particularly dislikes sandstorms. He specializes in paralyzing opponents, then striking them down swiftly and cleanly.

    Billy: Billy is a 24 year-old koto player, and also the youngest brother of Pewter City's Brock. He's an excitable man who loves being the center of attention. Billy is a very moral person, who believes in a "no nonsense" fighting style; this is reflected in the fact that he spends some time each day to himself so he can think clearly. He uses defensive Pokémon with incredibly strong moves to strike down his opponents, and loves sandstorms.

    Gayle: Gayle is the final Elite Four member, a woman of roughly 30 years, and a Flying-type specialist at heart. She's a very level-headed woman who is able to think clearly and act fast, though sometimes she gets hotheaded. Gayle has multiple types of Pokémon, though all are Flying-types. She specializes in getting residual damage and subsequently whittling her opponent's team to zero.

    The champion's true identity is unknown to all other than the Elite Four, and potentially Blake. He is confirmed to be male, and is known to be very tall and skinny (comparable to Lelouche Lamperouge from Code Geass). He has a worldwide fanbase for not having revealed his identity in his three years as reigning Champion, and has never been challenged by a normal trainer due to the Elite Four beating them all out. His fanbase calls him "Enigma".

    Platonics: An order of ninjas who hold the elemental Plates and a Silk Scarf. You fight them post-Champion, and there are 17 of them: Nermal, Tiny, Aries, Venom, Arthur, Tilly, Arachne, Oscar, Stella, Pryus, Aquarius, Leaf, Zaboo, Alberto, Alexandra, Liza, and one other yet to be named.

    Other Features: HMs are now replaced by certain Key Items so players don't need to waste their time and effort getting from location to location. The replacement items are listed and described in the following spoiler.
    HM01(Cut) is now replaced by the Axe.
    It may be illogical to carry an axe in your fanny-pack, but you're also carrying a multitude of potions, so there's your logic! This axe is indestructible, yet compact and light so even a Youngster can use it.

    is replaced by an air service run by Dragonite.
    I'm sorry, what? You don't get to use Fly willy-nilly anymore? Don't worry about it. The jetstreams above the Heiko region are strong enough to knock Pokemon out of the skies, so only certain well-trained Pokemon are strong enough to get through them. This air service utilizes Dragonite as air transportation, and you can call them from anywhere outdoors. You even get to control your flight in a similar fashion to Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs!

    HM03(Surf) is now replaced by the Surfboard.
    This item was apparently going to be used in the original R/B/Y, but was scrapped for Surf. Not anymore! You get to see your trainer peacefully swim along on a Surfboard. And as an added bonus, the trainer is immediately switched into a different sprite featuring his/her swimwear (come on guys, you know you want it). If you don't like using Water-types, this will prove useful.

    HM04(Strength) is now replaced by the Strength Biomech.
    It's very weird. And by very weird, we mean you won't understand it at all without this explanation. You actually receive this item from one of the Gym Leaders as a gift, since it is in fact something that Gym Leader created and uses as a bionic arm! This version is just a glove, but it works like a charm and will prove useful in your travels; and not just for pushing rocks around.

    HM05(Flash) is now replaced by the Lantern.
    Geez, this is something you should be able to buy in a store. Why do you need to send out your Pokemon and have it produce some sort of light just to get around a cave? And of all things, you can have a Treecko use it? That makes no sense. There is NO reason people should complain about this item.

    HM06(Rock Smash) is now replaced by the Strength Biomech II.
    The Gym Leader reappears at some point and upgrades your Strength Biomech so now you can crush some rocks instead of just pushing them around. It's Strength and Rock Smash in one item, so you don't need to waste two move slots.

    HM07(Waterfall) is now replaced by the Grappling Hook II.
    Grappling Hook II? So it's an upgraded Grappling Hook. Yeah, you get this upgrade after talking to a Magikarp Salesman (gasp). This guy may swindle people out of money, but you can get this upgrade for free and it works like a charm! The ropes he uses to catch Magikarp are a perfect replacement for the more flimsy rope you use already.

    HM08(Rock Climb)
    is now replaced by the Grappling Hook.
    Now here's the original Grappling Hook. You obtain this item from a Hiker in front of the first cave area where you need to use it to get through. He's like the guy in Dewford Cave who gives you Flash. The rope is a bit flimsy, but you get it upgraded later as mentioned before; and it becomes so strong you can climb waterfalls with it!

    The Dive HM move is now replaced by the Scuba Gear.
    Same swimsuit, don't worry. The only difference now is the footwear and the scuba mask. This way you can swim underwater as you wish, instead of giving one of your Pokemon that weak attacking move with no other purpose.

    When it gets right down to it, I really only need programmers and artists (be it sprite or otherwise). Music is already basically covered with whatever experience I can put in as well as my colleagues on the forum I am on as of current (not naming it). I'm not prepared to spoil important plot points as of yet. To be more specific, my first concern for the game as of yet is finding someone who can sprite art or simply create "official" artwork.

    Music - All completed tracks for Pokemon Equilibrium are located in the following link:
    Pokemon Equilibrium is my project. Be sure to at least look at it. If you like it, then say so. If you don't, tell me why. If you wish to contribute, then say so. If you don't, then continue about your business. It is currently an idea in need of teams. Link here:
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