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Originally Posted by Infernhawk View Post
I was wondering if there was a topic or forum where I could request indexed sprites for rom hacking? Like overworlds, front sprites, etc.

Anyone know?

Also is there a place where I can ask if anyone knows of certain tools? For example I was looking to ask if anyone knowed any 4th generation rom hacking tools because I can't find any.

Thank you
Sorry in advance if the places I direct you in a completely wrong. Have your tried here for Resources?

As for hacking related Tools there is a Toolbox forum here that may help.

You may want to try and see if someone in Pixel Art can get you some Sprites. If all else fails you could always try Simple Questions in ROM Hacking forum on contact the Moderators of the said forum. Anyways best at luck I hope one of those links or recommendations helps you find what you are looking for. Or maybe somebody else can elaborate here.

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