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I disagree. My intention was merely to put my points forth, which I did - and I see nothing in Live_Wire's or Toujours' posts that suggest their behaviour was any different to that either. Additionally, "Why do you need Confirmation to be a Catholic" is in my opinion a perfectly reasonable question to ask in the endeavour for us all to understand each other and it was perfectly on-topic. There was no mockery in the tone that I could see, but perhaps you're picking up on something that I'm not.

Anyway, there's now vitriol all over my once-beautiful thread, so I'd like it if we could all just move on now

What values guide your actions, and what are they rooted in?

My main motto in life is this: "Live in a way that makes you happy, and do nothing that will prevent others from doing the same." That is the value that I carry with my everywhere, and it guides my actions - or rather, lack thereof. This is not rooted in anything in particular. I don't have a religious faith (and from what I've seen, lack of intervention in the lives of others is not at all in the handbook of any relgious organisation) and my parents are also not of that school of thought - so I guess I developed this attitude with my own mind, in and of myself.

Also, this might be a little awkward but I think this is a great opportunity to post one of my holiday snaps from my recent vacation. I met this awesome girl and we decided to strike a pose:

"So this is why God bombed us."

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