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    Name: Jade Jean Stone "Jj"

    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Apperance: Black hair held in two pigtails and green eyes. She's small very petite standing at 4'7" most people think she's a over developed 12 year old. She has a scars all over her body because she tends to really get involbed in her pokemon battle often standing right next to her pokemon or protecting them from wild pokemon. She usually wears a black longsleeved colared shirt with green buttons and a green tie and a pair of ripped and tatered jeans with tights underneath. She alwayys has combat boots on they are the only thing taht can withstil her training she packs light a simple phanny pack that hold her pokemon team and her pokemon supplies.
    Pokemon Team:

    Plusle, male
    name: Lucky
    level: 27
    Attacks: Thunder bolt Helping hand quick attack volt tackle.
    Jolteon, female
    name: Jole
    level: 28
    Attacks: thunder bolt pinmissle Quick attack volt tackle
    Leafeon, male
    name: Lesley
    level: 29
    Attacks: Leaf blade, magical leaf, Quick attack, solar beam
    Arcanine, female
    name: Ara
    level: 30
    Attacks: Flame thrower, over heat, Heat tack , Sunny day
    froslas , female
    name: Frezea
    level: 35
    Attacks: Astonish, icy wind, blizzard, ominous wind
    Typhlosion , Male
    name: Cynders
    level: 40
    Attacks: flame charge flame thrower, brick break smokescreen.

    Bio: She grew up in the Jhotto reason. As a child her father alwasy kept her by his side in his travels. He was a great trainer and she learned many survival and battle skills from him. She was also a nature freak living more like a pokemon than a human she can basically survive in any element. When she was ten she received her fist pokemon A cynderquil which had been the product of her father and mothers Typhlosions of the opposite genders. She was happy with this Her and her cynderquil soon went on their own journey in which she made many pokemon friends. She's visited all the regions meeting many pokemon. She often fought more wild pokemon than actual trainers always getting involved in the battles from taking a hyper fang from a raticate to a a dragonites dragonclaw. She would do anything for her pokemon. When she heard about the lethia region she knew she had to go there and take on the challenge. It was her element surviving in nature. She hoped on the next ferry out there and arrived soon after ready to take on the challenge.