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    Well, I'm looking to RNG Bill's Eevee in HG/SS...I used PokeRNG and I have found a seed that gives me...
    Bold nature, 31/31/31/30/31/31 (HP Electric 70)
    Now, I'm confused on how to hit the seed's delay/seconds/frame to get Bill's Eevee with this IV spread and nature...can someone help?
    And can someone tell me how to RNG for the two Roaming Legendary Beasts (Entei and Raikou) in HG/SS?
    Thanks a lot!
    PS: Can someone also tell me how to RNG for in-game trades in HG/SS? Or is this impossible?
    PS: If I were to use something like PikaTimer, I don't have to calibrate in DPPt, right? And how do I use it to hit a seed's delay/seconds/frame?