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    more checks -.-

    Jellicent - The typing and access to taunt and toxic
    Bliss + Chans - can toxic / t-wave, crippling the moth, and also takes hit all day.

    In the team preview, you can see that they have a volca; so you have to prepare for it. Use stealth rocks early, try to predict the switches, etc.

    If volca sweeps turn, your team sucks.

    With the duggy argument, you can also say duggy makes ninetales lose by trapping it.

    Dugtrio can't even come in on tyranitar safely. Pretty much all of its moves at least 2hko it. Inb4 sash + reversal argument.

    Saying dugtrio takes out all of volca's checks is a bit of a stretch. You can easily KO it on a predicted switch or something of the like. Stealth rocks are the bain of sun teams, and its not that hard to get them set up, just use team preview, and if it will make things easier, come in and set up as close to turn 1 as you can.

    All right, one of my friends, Eternal, is probably one of the most experienced Wifi OU player. I asked him for his thoughts.

    [4:08:32 PM] Eternal: and it sash + reversals
    [4:08:39 PM] Eternal: in that case, you also need to put rocks up
    [4:08:49 PM] Eternal: rocks is the #1 weakness to sun team
    [4:08:55 PM] Eternal: and it's not hard putting rocks up
    [4:08:57 PM] Eternal: against sun teams
    [4:09:13 PM] Eternal: and it's not hard to disallow common spinners in the sun
    [4:09:18 PM] Eternal: like forretress, donphan, hitmontop
    [4:09:22 PM] Eternal: from spinning
    [4:09:38 PM] Eternal: none of them can recover
    [4:09:43 PM] Eternal: so you just have to weaken them
    [4:09:53 PM] Eternal: and keep putting up rocks
    [401 PM] Eternal: and you block the sun with sandstorm or rain
    [413 PM] Eternal: if dugtrio beats your ttar
    [420 PM] Eternal: then you lost because you got outpredicted

    [433 PM] Eternal: not because Volcarona is broken
    [441 PM] Eternal: and even with the sandstorm
    [445 PM] Eternal: winning isn't impossible

    [447 PM] Eternal: you need to use that Pokemon yourself
    [459 PM] Eternal: and I bet none of the people arguing on Pokecommunity
    [407 PM] Eternal: have attained a nice rating
    [410 PM] Eternal: abusing Volcarona

    [424 PM] Eternal: Dragonite
    [427 PM] Eternal: or Terrakion
    [434 PM] Eternal: find it really easy to sweep teams
    [438 PM] Eternal: compared to Volc
    [449 PM] Eternal: Volcarona requires a lot of back up
    [451 PM] Eternal: like Dugtrio
    [454 PM] Eternal: spinner
    [405 PM] Eternal: all these requirements
    [411 PM] Eternal: weaken your team's synergy
    [416 PM] Eternal: and limits what you can use

    Volca isn't broken. It's top tier at the most, but not broken. It is checked simply by too many pokemon, and even common walls can stop it. It wont always have sun up, and without sun, it just can stomp through its many checks.

    Just an afterthought, but why don't people think dragonite is broken? It's probably the most abusive pokemon atm.
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