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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Your Favourite out of of Your Plushies: It's a stuffed toy dog. Well it's not a dog really, its body is human shape but it has the head of a dog. Like a ragdoll with a dog's head. I got him when I was born and named him Scrap, after the plushie dog on Play School.
I still haven't had the time or motivation to pull all my plushies down from the top of my closet for their photoshoot, but I think it's time that you all met Scrap!

The red jumper Mum brought home one time and the Zorro socks that he uses as pants were an addition I made when I was ten years old to keep him warm in the Winter time. He's the same age as me and we grew up together, though his birthday is May 27 and mine is October 24 so he's a little older. His clothes do fit him but he's just woken up so he's not in his most camera-ready mood right now

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