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Originally Posted by Cycle View Post
Sorry, but "Eternal said it" does not make your arguement stronger

anyways, jellicent will never beat volcarona because Jellicent takes >35% from bug buzz (and thats not even a fire blast)

[B]252SpAtk Life Orb Swarm Volcarona (+SAtk) Fire Blast vs 252HP/4SpDef Water Absorb Jellicent (Neutral): 33% - 40% (137 - 162 HP). Guaranteed 3HKO. | and that is fire blast. now look at bug buzz. please back up your statements with calcs. use toxic. Use recover. yay.

Chans+Bliss: allow me to show you +1 LO fire blast

specially defensive blissey (252/252 +spdef lol): 607 Atk vs 405 Def & 714 HP (120 Base Power): 376 - 444 (52.66% - 62.18%)

standard chansey (252/0 neutral nature): 607 Atk vs 369 Def & 704 HP (120 Base Power): 411 - 484 (58.38% - 68.75%)

Here's what i got- 252SpAtk Life Orb +1 Swarm Volcarona (+SAtk) Fire Blast vs 252HP/4SpDef Blissey (Neutral): 46% - 54% (331 - 391 HP). Guaranteed 3HKO. 15% chance to 2HKO. | barely 2hko's. In that time, you can para it, toxic, then procede to recover. lol
[B]252SpAtk Life Orb +1 Swarm Volcarona (+SAtk) Fire Blast vs 252HP/252SpDef Blissey (+SpDef): 35% - 41% (253 - 297 HP). Guaranteed 3HKO. | Not that anyone would use this, but its much less than what you said it would be.

If you run ttar, then you are probably running sr on it since most people use that sucky mixtar lol

alright so lets just assume you take out ttar to counter latios/latias/insert psychic type here. So lets just assume that you get rocks up with oh, lets just say bronzong. I get a free switch in to 'Top and can use rapid spin. Now you have to set up rocks again, or else ttar becomes dead bait for the rest of the game. literally. So either you bring in Zong again (which is setup bait for a hell lot of the meta) or you let the sun stay up for the whole game. Anyways, I won't use Dugtrio as my arguement, I'll use Wobbufett.

Lets take your terrakion again, now heres your stone edge calc against Wobbufett

scarf terrakion: 357 Atk vs 181 Def & 528 HP (100 Base Power): 211 - 250 (39.96% - 47.35%)

You need sr to 2hko and even with it you don't have a full chance. On the other hand, I just got rid of your counter and now I can plow through your team with volcarona. Also, cb terrakion doesnt cut it because +1 fire blast ohkos lol.

Now lets take dragonite and gyarados!!

dragonite +1 bulky outrage: 472 Atk vs 181 Def & 528 HP (120 Base Power): 336 - 396 (63.64% - 75.00%)

beautiful, you dd on one turn and attack me the next and now you're dead. Have fun, I just got rid of your counter. Bulky Multi scale because otherwise you lose to +1 fire blast.

Gyarados:523 Atk vs 181 Def & 528 HP (80 Base Power): 249 - 294 (47.16% - 55.68%)

+1 bulky waterfall does around that much, not exact but should be pretty close

anyways, as you see, all of your checks are dead. Wat do? get swept? ya

seriously, try volcarona with wobbuffet (god i hate spelling that) and you will see how easy it is to abuse.
at the first part, i didn't mean it as "oh he's pro he must be right," i meant it as, he is intelligent, so he can make some pretty good arguments against or for it; in this case he is against it.
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