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    Greetings, fellow trainers! I welcome you to...

    The Fire Pokemon Fanclub


    Fire is another name of passion. In the Pokemon world, Fire is one of the 17 elemental types, a primarily offense-oriented type focusing on a high-risk high-return playstyle. It is fragile, like a real flame; but while it lasts, it make its presence felt and if given the opportunity, it can result in devastation. Fire can have many fascinating faces; from the charming Ninetales to the cool Arcanine; from the ever-so-cute Victini to the awe-inspiring Ho-oh. The Fortress of Flame is dedicated to these magnificent creatures.

    If you are also fascinated by Fire Pokemon, or even if you're just a little interested in them, feel free to join FoF. As a member, you would be able to...

    ☼ Participate in various discussions on Fire Pokemon.
    ☼ Create new topics of discussion.
    ☼ Enjoy to company of their favourite Fire Pokemon (up to 6 Pokemon allowed in a user's party).
    ☼ Post images to celebrate the beauty of the fire types.
    ☼ Score points and redeem them for prizes and special privileges..
    ☼ Take part in the "Question of the Week" contest and various events.

    Rules & Regulations

    1. All rules of PokeCommunity forums are to be followed. No exceptions.
    2. No spamming, trolling, personally attacking or flaming others. Yes, despite the name, "flaming" is not allowed.
    3. Any responses, topics or images you share must be related to Fire Pokemon. Try not to go off topic.
    4. To Sign Up, everyone must post an application of the same format as the "Demo Application" shown below. Otherwise their application would be ignored.
    5. Each user must choose 1 (and only 1) starter Pokemon when signing up. The Pokemon must have Fire as at least 1 of its types. The starter may be given a nickname (optional). More Pokemon (but Fire only) can be redeemed afterwards (refer to the "Points System" section for further information).
    6. The sign up application may also include the "Reason for joining". This field, however, is optional. The "Referred by" field is also optional.
    7. The answers for "Quiz of the Week" should be posted in this thread. Do not PM the answers. The first member to answer correctly would be declared the winner and the contest would be closed for the remainder of the week.

    Application Example

    Name- Sayan
    Starter- Draco the Arcanine
    Reason for joining- I find Fire Pokemon fascinating. I also really like the Fire starters from most generations.
    Referred by- ... (optional)

    List of Pokemon

    This is an alphabetically ordered chart of all the Fire Pokemon currently available. You can only select Pokemon that appear in this list. Hover over a Pokemon's sprite to see its name.

    Points System

    FoF factures a Points System. Members get points for interacting positively. After collecting enough points, they can redeem them in the "Redemption Center". A member's current point is displayed in brackets beside his username in the "Members and Scores" section.

    Here is the list of some actions and the points awarded for them (effective as of 10th Feb, '12).

    ☼ Signing up (after the application is accepted) - 10 points.
    ☼ Making posts (excluding the signup post) - 2 points
    ☼ Posting images in spoiler tags - 5 points*
    ☼ Posting images without spoiler tags - 2 points*
    ☼ Posting images of the current Pokemon of the week - 5 points**
    ☼ Winning the "Question of the Week" contest - 8 points
    ☼ Creating a successful topic of discussion - 5 points
    ☼ Creating a "The Fortress of Flames" userbar - 20 points
    ☼ Creating a "The Fortress of Flames" banner - 20 points
    ☼ Using a "The Fortress of Flames" userbar for a week*** - 30 points
    ☼ Recruiting a member (must be stated in sign up application) - 30 points

    *Sprites and overworlds don't count.

    **as a bonus. The regular points for posting images are also given. Sprites and Overworlds don't count.

    ***Members must send a PM to Sayan to notify and confirm that they have used an FoF userbar for the whole week.

    Redemption Center

    Here members can exchange the points they have collected for special prizes and privileges. The following is a list of the prizes and their costs (effective as of 10th Feb, '12)

    ☼ Exchanging a Party Pokemon with a new one- 50 points.
    ☼ Changing the forme of a Party Pokemon - 75 points
    ☼ Making a party Pokemon shiny - 100 points
    ☼ Choosing the next Pokemon of the Week*- 100 points
    ☼ Obtaining the 2nd Pokemon in party - 100 points
    ☼ Obtaining the 3rd Pokemon in party - 125 points
    ☼ Obtaining the 4th Pokemon in party - 150 points
    ☼ Obtaining the 5th Pokemon in Party - 175 points
    ☼ Obtaining the 6th Pokemon in Party - 200 points
    ☼ Changing name font color in Members list - 200 points
    ☼ Getting FoF Elite badge (doubles point gains) - 250 points

    *Can only be availed once a week.

    More to be added (members may suggest more prizes)

    Members and Scores

    (Hover over the Pokemon icons to see their nicknames)
    Sayan (143)
    Sector Revenge (98)
    Curious (18)
    D4rka8isz (80)
    Hikari10 (14)
    Jayster23 (18)
    Avishka (136)
    Xeberos (16)
    Joel (66)
    Cosmotone (49)
    Evanlyn (18)
    AmiEkcona (12)
    Limanya (44)
    ShinyHoundoom (16)
    Jaz (10)
    Angelomanalo (10)
    Ndm55 (52)
    ShortUsername (10)
    Arcan3 (12)
    Иιио (12)
    YungKnowledge (12)
    Halcyon (14)
    BZW Golem (14)

    Pokemon of the Week #12

    Pokemon of the Week #12 Typhlosion, the wingless Charizard.

    Question of the Week #12

    ☼ Question- Name a move learned by Latios that's always Fire type.
    ☼ Answer- Not correctly answered yet.
    ☼ Winner- ...

    Current Topics of Discussion

    (New topics get added to the bottom. Most recent ones are marked with '*')

    ☼ Which is the strongest Fire type Pokemon?
    ☼ Which Fire type starter is the best?
    ☼ Which Fire type legendary is the best?
    ☼ Which is your favourite Fire type move?
    ☼ Who the best Fire type Gym Leader?
    ☼ Which Fire type has the best shiny sprite?
    ☼ Do you think Fire types can successfully be used defensively?
    ☼ Which Fire Pokemon are overrated or underrated?
    ☼ If the Fire types Ho-oh and Reshiram got into a fight, who'd win?
    ☼ Which Fire Pokemon would make the best real-world pet?
    ☼ Is Rotom-Heat better as Electric/Fire or was it better as Electric/Ghost?
    ☼ Dragon are often associated with Fire, but there's only 1 Fire/Dragon Pokemon. Should there be more?
    ☼ *Which is better, Heatran or Volcarona?
    ☼ *Do you agree that Fire starters are the best?
    ☼ *How would you use your Fire Pokemon to pull a prank on someone?
    ☼ *If one of Fire's 3 weaknesses were to be eliminated, which one should it be- Water, Ground or Rock?
    ☼ *Water starts boiling in much, much less heat than Steel, Steel doesn't even melt if the temperature isn't really high. Then why is Fire super effective against Steel, but not very effective against Water?
    ☼ *Which Fire type has the best design?
    ☼ *Which is the best Fire/Fighting starter- Blaziken, Infernape or Emboar?

    Ongoing Events


    Userbars Sayan.
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    More to come...