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    Originally Posted by Sayan View Post
    Ok, you're approved. But it would've been better if you had also discussed some of the topics.

    I used to choose the Fire starters in the earlier Pokemon games. But lately I choose the Water starters. That doesn't mean I don't like the Fire ones though! But "teh pig" just doesn't do it for me.
    Usually get to those after I get approved You want all these answered already? Dang that's a lot for starting out haha

    Topic Discussions:
    ☼According to you, which is the strongest Fire type Pokemon?
    The strongest Fire type Pokemon is actually Reshiram in my opinion. Ho-Oh with its Sacred Fire is just insane, but the 4x Weakness to Rock is what hurts it. So Reshiram wins. But other than the great Legends, I'd have to go with Arcanine, very bulky AND is dangerous in offensive.

    ☼Which Fire type starter do you like the most?
    Charizard vs Blaziken. Charizard because he was just the coolest after the first two generation. Blaziken is just badass when introducing the Hoenn region. Of course, Charizard, just like Ho-Oh has that 4x Weakness. I prefer the looks, the tactics and the ability of Blaziken over Infernape anyday, and I absolutely do not like Emboar.

    Plus, Blaziken's Speed Boost makes it an Uber Pokemon, just dangerous!

    ☼Which Fire type legendary do you like the most?
    Reshiram. Love her look. She'd be part of my storyline Pokemon I've been writing down about. Excellent Pokemon.

    ☼Which is your favourite Fire type move?
    I'd have to go with Blue Flare. Very beautiful.

    ?Who is your favourite Fire type Gym Leader?
    Blaine! How could you not like him? In the anime, it was very fun watching Charizard vs Magmar battle after Charizard took that nap LOL

    ☼According to you, which Fire type has the best shiny sprite?
    Ninetales!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a beauty!

    ☼Do you think Fire types can be successfully used defensively? If yes, how?
    No not really. They will have to go all out to win. Moves such as, Rock Slide & Earthquake, can easily hurt/injure the Fire Pokemon. That's the only bad part of owning a Fire Pokemon.