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Inconsistency is easily our biggest issue right now (or well, has been). Our projects never seem to come to fruition because we stop bothering with them after launching them (not that our current ones have ended, yet). CBC always has the same pattern: activity thrives one week, nothing interesting happens for a month, then activity returns for a short period again. Rinse and repeat. While the main reason this happens is because I get occupied, a long absence certainly wasn't needed. Obviously, this is mainly my fault (and Anti's to a lesser extent, I suppose). Just saying that I hope to "overcome" this habit.

Anyway, Karp reminded me that we need some more exciting events, which is true. I'll get the planning of Community Night 2 started soon. I hope to increase the activity in my clan as well. Additionally, I've been thinking about reviving the PC tournament (found here, which is still on T&E's first page lmao), but with a few changes similar to my old Tour Series (1 / 2). However, the PC tournament would be for PO initially (like KG's version), leaving Wi-Fi as a later option. As for the changes, the tournament would have two divisions: a recurring standard OU tournament and one that changes themes consecutively. This would be a great way to increase the activity without diverting members' attention away from clans. Feedback is welcome.