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    Kivir was disappointed in his failure in thinking up the command structure plan before the battle, but he needed to get his mind off the past and focused on the present. Looking around he watched the Alpha Alliance troops pushing back the ancients in this area. They were winning this skirmish but would they win the battle? The rest of the ancients still had several defenses to penetrate and they outnumbered the Alpha Alliance and Gold Tribe members. Thinking for a moment Kivir came up with a plan. Looking around he found a familiar face in the form of a Dragonite.

    “General, I have a plan that requires several brave Alpha Alliance soldiers. I need two psychic types, two Zoruas or Zoroarks, some of your best diggers, and two Pokemon with earthquake. The plan is to split these groups up into two strike teams. We will take advantage of the chaos and the fact the enemy’s focus is on the main force. With the Zorua or Zoroarks covering us with illusions the small groups should be able to go fairly unnoticed to the inner wall since the main army and the Gold Tribe will keep their main attention here. There the diggers will dig under the inner wall. Each team will dig under a different section, then we earthquake the sections with weakened foundations. The desired result is to make these sections collapse since their foundations will be dug out. Hopefully this will negate their defensive advantage, so when we reach the inner walls we already have an opening to charge through and not be forced to fight their forces while trying to break through the wall,” said Kivir in a whisper so only the General could hear. The plan was risky, but he knew the enemy would be more focused on the Gold Tribe and the main force and hopefully the enemy wouldn’t expect a small strike team of regular soldiers to try something so bold.