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Name- Curious.
Starter- Valorie the Volcarona.
Reason for joining- Fire types are not only vicious and powerful, they can be extremely desteructive yet do so in an elegant and beautiful manner. They do have their weaknesses, but they are still powerhouses nonetheless.
Referred by- Nobody.

According to you, which is the strongest Firte type pokemon?
Like many people believe, there is no one sole pokemon that the strongest. This applies t legendaries also and fire types as a type. I don't find any to be as powerful as others, disregarding their gaming stats and abilities, I find all of them still do the job in the end, but just execute such a task qicker than others.

☼According to you, which is the strongest Fire type Pokemon?

☼Which Fire type starter do you like the most?
Definitely Volcarona or Blaziken both a beautiful pokemon, so destructive yet elegant.

☼Which Fire type legendary do you like the most?
Ho-oh, reason being it was the mascot of my first even Pokemon game: Pokemon Gold on GBC.

☼Which is your favourite Fire type move?
The typical Flamethrower, cliche'd yes; but very effective.

Who is your favourite Fire type Gym Leader?
Blaine stood out for me, because he is more of a logical person rather than a practical person, unlike Flannery and Chilli. The only thing thats irks me about him is his appearance, that bold head. ;__;
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