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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Anyway, Karp reminded me that we need some more exciting events, which is true. I'll get the planning of Community Night 2 started soon. I hope to increase the activity in my clan as well. Additionally, I've been thinking about reviving the PC tournament (found here, which is still on T&E's first page lmao), but with a few changes similar to my old Tour Series (1 / 2). However, the PC tournament would be for PO initially (like KG's version), leaving Wi-Fi as a later option. As for the changes, the tournament would have two divisions: a recurring standard OU tournament and one that changes themes consecutively. This would be a great way to increase the activity without diverting members' attention away from clans. Feedback is welcome.
Yaay more debating over times! @ comm night part lool. Clans as a whole aren't really getting much attention, though, while a tournament is a good thing, I feel like the other two clans are especially lacking because really nothing is happening. With Sacred I brought up a mini-topic and it's received "some" discussion and maybe it'll end up continuing buttt I dunno, I feel like there should be more going on as a whole w/ clans because people (in mine at least) just aren't really battling or doing anything, which is kinda the point of clans aka to battle, lol.

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