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    hey guys i have a problem with my lucario's moves, the game is diamond. To make this quick this is his moveset right now:

    Aura sphere
    close combat
    dark pulse
    dragon pulse

    Now the problem is that instead of dragon pulse i used to have reversal, i knew reversal was much better attack for lucario than dragon pulse but i erased it anyway to try out dragon pulse, but now that i want it back it doesnt appear in the list of forgotten moves with the heartscale guy. Then i found out that the move reversal was only learnable when my lucario was still riolu so maybe thats why it doesnt appear in the list. BUT is this how it should be? Isnt it supposed that you can relearn any forgotten move with the heartscale tutor? Isn't there other way my lucario can remember that move? Maybe another tutor in other version? Or is the infamous Action Replay the only way i can relearn it? (dont have one)

    Or should i give up trying to relearn that move?. After all i already have 2 other fighting type moves which i find more useful (reversal was my last resort when my hp is low but it can be very powerful at that state). Maybe i can teach him another more useful move like flash cannon? (tried it out and i could beat some pokemon that otherwise i couldnt have, but reversal is still more useful sometimes when my hp is low, isnt it?). So i want your recommendations guys. What move should i put instead of reversal or should i really HAVE THAT move?
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