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    First of all I want to say some things:
    -My english (especially my grammar) is terrible. I try to make it understandable.
    -This is my very first expierence with rom hacking. Appreciate that.

    Now that I have said that, I want to present you: Pokemon MVL Fire red. This is not a hack, it's a more extensive version of pokemon fire red. It's exactly the same story line, but I edited the trainers, wild pokemon and there are a couple of new people. I know that there are many other roms like these, but I wanted to make my own version with my own ideas. This is a hack for those who like the fire red game and want a little bit more challenge. please do not complain about the difficulty of making this hack. I know it's not that hard, but for me it was the first time I actually worked with advancemap, advancetrainer etc. Just play and see.

    -National dex at the start. [added in BETA1, not in ALPHA]
    -Increased difficulty.
    -Trainers have other pokemon.
    -All pokemon from gen1 to gen3 catchable.
    -Gym leaders have more pokemon
    -Trainers' pokemon have different levels.
    -Some new events and new maps.
    -2 new rivals! May and brendan from Hoenn! [Currently they don't disappear after you battled them, so they look like a normal trainer]
    -Some familiar people will come on your path during your journey. People like Bruno, and Brock will appear again.

    Upcoming fuatures:
    -New events
    -More new trainers
    -More routes with wild pokemon
    -A brand new elite four and champion

    Tools used so far:
    XSE (Extreem Dcript Editor)
    FSF (Free Space Finder)
    Evolution Editor Pro

    The mapping is almost unedited, so it's unnecessary to make screens of it.

    Alpha screens:

    Beta screen:

    Known Bug List:

    -In Alpha, Pokemon from johto and Hoenn are not able to evolve, because the national dex is not added yet. This will be fixed in Beta1!
    -May and Brendan won't walk away after you battled them. Maybe I'm going to fix this after I completed the whole game, but I'm not sure. I don't actually see the reason why I should edit this, the only thing is that they are not 'real' rivals, but just trainers.

    New Evolutions:

    Poliwag->25->poliwhirl->water stone->poliwrath
    Slowpoke->37->Slowbro->water stone->slowking
    horsea->32->seadra->water stone-> kingdra
    eevee->thunder stone->jolteon
    ->water stone->vaporeon
    ->fire stone->flareon
    ->sun stone->espeon
    ->moon stone->umbreon
    Pichu->10->pikachu->thunder stone->raichu
    cleffa->10->clefairy->moon stone->clefable
    igglybuff->10->jigglypuf->moon stone->wigglytuf
    clamperl->water stone->huntail

    Download ALPHA version (Done till mt.moon):

    Download BETA 1 (2 gyms long):

    Please give me good advice and if u report bugs tell me

    urgently looking for a support banner! If someone can help me, contact me please!
    Currently busy with a rpg maker xp project.