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Brisingr122194's ... things are declined.
Those kinds of things are meant for the Roleplay Discussion Thread.

Sir Bastian's ... okay
So, these kinds of things are also very much for the Roleplay Discussion Thread, when you introduce yourself. With these boards, the threads that are accepted are roleplays and out of character threads only. If you want either thread's contents PM'd to you to post in the Roleplay Discussion Thread, I can totally do that for you.

[email protected]*inverted*EvE's Pokemon Codex is declined.
You have no rating for one. And the storyline is the bare minimum. It's quite hard to understand, I had to read through it three times until I understood what it meant. I suggest you reread it and repost with proper grammar and punctuation.

The Immortal One's The Aides is accepted.

Black Hawk's Undile's War is declined.
Um... please repost this when it's not a huge block of unreadable text with all the rules and sign up unneatly shoved in it, thank you. Plus, I can tell you now the storyline is not nearly enough.

Raveness A Wonderful World is declined.
The idea is okay but you did not explain at all what these wonderful games are.