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    Thought i may put my opinion across on the topic discussions:

    ☼According to you, which is the strongest Fire type Pokemon?
    To me it would be Charizard or Blaziken, Charizard has good speed and great Special attack and Blaziken has good speed and regular attack. Both are Powerhouses of their respective generations and when trained properly can be absolutely killer.

    ☼Which Fire type starter do you like the most?
    The Charmander line because Charmander was the first Pokemon i ever chose and Charizard is an epic beast

    ☼Which Fire type legendary do you like the most?
    All the fire legends didn't really appear to me, but my favourite would have to be Entei or Moltres because the first generation roamers were original how one gen was Birds and the next was land roamers

    ☼Which is your favourite Fire type move?
    I'd have to say Eruption is my favourite, In Pokemon Ruby it used to my form of training for the league and what not on Groudon. Groudon would have made a much better fire type. Just saying

    ☼Who is your favourite Fire type Gym Leader?
    I'd have to say Blaine because he has a backstory and seems more experienced. Although as stated before, his look is gross. -.-

    ☼According to you, which Fire type has the best shiny sprite?
    This would be the best shiny sprite

    ☼Do you think Fire types can be successfully used defensively? If yes, how?
    I wouldn't really know because i'm not the defensive trainer, the quicker the opponent faints, the better.
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