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    I hope this won't be considered as double-posting, but this one's just pretty long..


    ~Updated the default Fire Red starter sprites.

    ~Inserted Black/White starters + ZORUA & ZOROARK.

    Picture-taking with HARUNA. (Latest Hairstyle + Shunkan Sentimental Outfit.)

    Only TOMO's OW is not yet finished. (RINA .upper side.; MAMI .right side.; HARU .at the center.)


    TOMOMI's OW Sprite finally finished..
    Now, I present all of you.. SCANDAL! (Without the instruments, and the proper stage yet.. xD)


    - WesleyFG - Pokemon Sprites (OW Base Sprites)
    - Pia Carrot - Best Friend (ZION) OW Base Sprite
    - Nintendo
    - SCANDAL - inspiration
    - God
    - Brain

    That is all, thank you! xD