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    Originally Posted by Xeberos View Post
    Name:¥ Xeberos
    Starter: Blaziken
    Reason for joining: I like Fire-type Pokémon very much because they are pretty awesome with their design and movepool. They are also very powerful Pokémon and they are great Pokémon against many types.
    Welcome to FoF. Your starter, Blaziken, is the current Pokemon of the Week. You'll get bonus points for posting its pictures.

    New topic of discussion-
    Which Fire type Pokemon do you think are underrated or overrated?

    I personally think Charizard is a little overrated. As its health gets halved by Stealth rocks, Solar Power was a pretty bad ability for it. The other Fire starters now have much nicer abilities to boot.

    Victini is definitely the epitome of underrated-ness. It has good stats and a few very strong moves. Its only drawback maybe its typing and predictability.