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Eternity City

The power of the Earthquake was undeniable. The ground rupture and shook as the three Gold Tribe members prepared to meet the attack. Zane lost his balance, and collapsed for a moment. He felt pain rush to his side, and looked over there to notice small amounts of blood present. Zane could hear his ears ringing, and tried to get up, but struggled for a moment. He suddenly saw Beserker approaching them closer now, but was his by a Water Pulse. He stumbled, but approached once more, before being hit again, and stumbling. Then again, and again and again. Zane looked to see the source from Defender. It was beyond impressive to see how many he was able to dish out, as if the will to go on had taken over him and began forcing his hand. Beserker, needless to say, was unable to repel the attacks, and was faltering. Defender was giving it everything he had.

He then formed a completely new attack three times the size. He barely heard Defender whisper something under his breathe, then with a loud shout, uttered, "WATER BOMB!" The enormous pulse of water fired at Beserker, who had neither the maneuverability nor the energy to get out of the way or block. He yelled as the attack impacted him, and a large splash of energy and water could be seen emanating from it.

This was the power of the Gold Tribe.

When the attack subsided, he heard Defender groan. Zane got up and approached him, hearing him say his final words before getting knocked out.

"Kick his a**..."

Zane would oblige. He turned to Beserker to see him panting heavily on the ground, and unable to get up at the moment. Zane yelled at Sword and Shield.

"Brother! Defender has given us an opportunity we should not ignore! Let's end him!" Zane yelled, and prepared a Swords Dance and charged Beserker, hoping Sword and Shield was right next to him, ready to unleash hell on Beserker.

Meanwhile Beserker struggled to move, and began pleading heavily.

"Hey, no need for that! I'm....I'm done! Just let me go, and I'll get out of your way, hey, come on! I'm on the ground here...DAMN IT!"

Zane and Sword and Shield were close, and closing in, about to unleash everything they had left on the Sentinel.


Hazone spotted a Breloom approached him, and began speaking of a plan to enter the inner wall more effectively. Hazone nodded.

"Risky but sound. Zane mentioned you before about wanted some Psychic Pokemon, so I have gathered, but come with me, and we'll find the rest you need for the plan." Hazone said.

Together, Hazone order the gathering of the required Pokemon. Two Psychic Pokemon, a Kadabra and a Kirlia, as well as a Zorua and a Zoroark were present. There was also a three Dugtrio, a Golem, a Rampardos and an Excadrill. Hazone looked them over as they were gathered, and before issuing the order, he looked at the Breloom, and smile.

"Kivir, was it? This is your plan. You should take charge of them. I'm promoting you to Chief of the Alpha Alliance. I'll alert General Belas and the others of your plan. You have to lead these groups through the inner wall, and execute the plan. Good luck, and show no fear."

Hazone took off hoping the Breloom would be successful in his risky plan.

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