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Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
Like the others say the storyline doesn't say much but this looks promising. The tiles are neat. I the fakemon even if you didn't make it. I bet you'll be able to find/make more to make an excellent dex. Overall looking forward to more Chrunch! :)
Thanks! :) As I've said before, I'm working on the story to make it better. :)
Originally Posted by fanp View Post
I like your screens but what i really like is the fakemon(the evolution of sudowoodo).
You have to improve the story, i guess that was just a draft.
Thanks. :) The story was just an early version, and I didn't want to reveal that much about it, either.
Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Your tropical-based tiles and textbox are looking really great along with that Sudowodo evolution that everyone else has mentioned. I'm also looking forward to your implementation of Dive and Whirlpool in the FR engine. The one thing I can point out is that I think that the ledge in your sixth screen would look better if it were perfectly straight rather than bent as it will fit in with your style of mapping more. Oh and the story :x

While this hack is still fairly early in its development, there is nothing but good signs coming from what you've done so far. Good luck and keep up the work chrunch! :3
Thanks. I've actually already got the scripts for Dive and Whirlpool, I just have to insert them into the ROM. :)
Originally Posted by SK3 View Post
Looks great so far man! The tiles are awesome, and I'm looking forward to more fakemon. If you need any help with the story I'm just a VM away!
Thanks. :D
Originally Posted by Truality View Post
Good to see you working on this. Hope to see updates soon! So there is going to be a road-fork somewhere along the play-through? (according to the storyline)

Oh, and will the neutral-pole fakemon that's like plusle/minun be included, too?
Yes, there will be a road-fork somewhere around the 5th/6th GYM badge, where you can choose to help the evil team capture the regi's or help the regi's. :) Probably, I just haven't got around to inserting that fakemon yet.


This is just a little preview of what Glacier Island in the north of Celia will look like. The map won't look like that in the game, it's a test map I made to show off the tiles.

A big update is coming soon, including the fixed story, and much more! :)
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