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    During the moments that the Flareon studied him, Hanso studied her. Ignitus seemed a little bigger than other Flareons he'd seen, and the left side of her face was covered with fur that extended from her head. Her fur looked smooth and reflected some sunlight, indicating that it had been cleaned and groomed. Hanso noticed a shard hanging around Ignitus' neck, but it didn't appear to serve a purpose. Another note of interest, though with no regard to combat, was that Ignitus' visible eye was a dark shade of purple.
    Her left eye was covered, so she would be blind on that side. Like the average Flareon, she looked about half Hanso's own height. Thinking back to the day of the jailbreak, it was apparent to Hanso that she would likely use fire as a blinder with a follow-up attack or seven, assuming it was a habit of hers. Hanso also remembered that he'd seen a Shadow Ball during the jailbreak; it wasn't likely that the Mienshao had fired it at the time. Lotta teleporting ahead, Hanso thought grimly.

    Hanso's armblades glowed purple as he heard something coming his way. "STOP! He is mine!" Ignitus snapped. Hanso turned his head to look at the Ancient, who was now backing away.

    He shouldn't have looked away. Hanso immediately turned back to find a Flamethrower coming at him. He jumped and rolled to one side to avoid the flames, but a good part of them still made contact. He'd let his guard down, he shouldn't have looked away. Hanso finished his roll by coming back to his feet as the fire ended, then created and sent off a blue ball of energy into the sky, to hit Ignitus later, before four Shadow Balls came his direction. Hanso dodged the first Shadow Ball, sliced through the second, and ducked around the third. The fourth hit him, pushing him back to face Ignitus' Flame Charge.

    Instead of attempting to avoid contact, Hanso moved forward and used the Flareon as a base for vaulting over her, ignoring the damage which the flames did to his hand. He landed in a crouch on the ground behind Ignitus, then spun around and threw a Psycho Cut at her back. After loosing that attack, Hanso created four illusionary copies of himself and stood in a line with them, waiting for Ignitus' next move.
    There hadn't been time to spot any weak points on the Flareon, other than the eyes, which were obvious points in any case. The face itself was, for some Pokemon, softer than the rest of the body, more prone to pain. A good knock to the head, if powerful enough, could give a concussion to some.

    No matter what, though, fighting a Sentinel...not easy. Hanso suspected that he would have to call in backup soon.