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    Relief washed over Daricka when Alpha Alliance soldiers came at the Ancients from behind, though it didn't show in her expression. Fending off a Kabutops' Hydro Pump with a Focus Blast, her eyes scoured the incoming forces for any Gold Tribe members. Satisfaction showed on her face when she caught sight of one, not counting the Absol that was already fighting alongside the rebels.

    A shout to clear out barely reached Daricka's ears from the newly arrived Gold Tribe member. She slammed her fist into the face of a Rampardos as it charged her before back-flipping out of the way - so as to keep it in view in case it charged her. Sure enough, it came at her with a Head Smash, which she effectively dodged by jumping up, boosting herself up and over the Ancient by pushing off of it's head. It skidded to a stop and turned, but it wasn't fast enough to dodge Daricka's Focus Blast. It was thrown back, recovering only to find that the Infernape had left to join its comrades.

    Daricka jogged steadily through the crowd of rebels, getting as close to the front as she could. She caught the Grovyle - though she doubted that was its real form - nodding at her and nodded back in recognition.

    A small pinprick of happiness surfaced. Finally she would be able to fight side-by-side her brothers and sisters of the Gold Tribe once again. She pushed through the crowd of quickly moving Pokemon until she was right on the front lines. Though her muscles ached, she felt somehow renewed in knowing that she wasn't alone anymore.