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I'm going to go ahead and use that double post that we're allowed now. :]

I pretty much blew through Route 4 and Nimbasa City. I had that creepy encounter with N on the Ferris wheel. N was always creepy to me. Derp. I didn't stop to catch any Pokémon on Route 4 like I thought I would. After Nimbasa I met Alder on Route 5. Cheren was his normal, rude self and I got to battle some preschoolers. After having Elisa call to have the bridge lowered I caught a cute Ducklett.

Soon after, he became the father of Ducky.

After getting Ducky I had to rearrange my team a bit. I took out Cashmere and Clove. I replaced them with Ducky and Valyria. I collected a few wings on Driftveil bridge before making my way to town. I turned the game off right after I met the gym leader and he demanded Cheren and I to get rid of Team Plasma. :] <3

Rue, Effie, Ducky, and Valyria. ♥

Until next time!

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