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Originally Posted by Xeberos View Post
Name: Xeberos
Partner Pokémon: Drapion
Reason for joining: Poison-type Pokémon are pretty dangerous and lethal and that is pretty cool. :D They have powerful moves and moves has cool animations.
Hi Xebby, you decided to join too?

Drapion is such a cool Pokemon, I mean Paul's Drapion in the anime was tough.

Originally Posted by Nagaraja View Post
OMG! Where have you been all my life. O_o

Name; Nagaraja
Partner Pokemon: Naja Naja the Arbok
Why I want to Join: Poison is my favorite type, not to mention Arbok is my favorite pokemon. With Seviper and Ekans at a close second. There are so many awesome poison types.
Hi Nagaraja!

Given your love of Jessie from Team Rocket, no wonder why you chose Arbok (cos Jessie actually used one in the anime).

Welcome to both of you and we will continue the love of Poison Pokemon.