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    Gladius Clipeum

    Defender was knocked out, the barrage of attacks of Berserker took the greatest toll on him.

    "Kick his a**..." Defender managed to mutter before passing out. Gladius shuddered at the thought of his fallen friend. Losing one Gold Tribe member is a bog thing, and it may suddenly turn the tides against their favor. With the Sentinels also on the field, it would be hard to win in the first place. And with Defender fainted on the ground, the difficulty just increased tenfold.

    "Brother! Defender has given us an opportunity we should not ignore! Let's end him!" Zane shouted at Gladius. He saw him rush to Berserker who, at one point, was knocked down to the ground. He saw Zane prepared a Swords Dance, twisting in mid-air, his swords glinting in the sunlight. Gladius, however, dragged Defender behind a huge rock.

    "I will come back for you brother. Just rest there, and be safe," Gladius said. Defender groaned in his unconscious state. He then followed Defender's lead. Gladius roared (he found it nerve-relaxing now) and prepared a Return, his hands balled into a fist, ready to pound Berserker. He heard him plead.

    "Hey, no need for that! I'm....I'm done! Just let me go, and I'll get out of your way, hey, come on! I'm on the ground here...DAMN IT!"

    "No! You will pay for your atrocious behavior! Tell that to your leader!" His fists landed on the Aggron's steel armor. Gladius managed to put a dent on the armor, a mighty feat, considering how sturdy an Aggron's armor is known. "That is for Liberty Town! And this..." His hands balled again.

    "This is for you abandoning the tribe!"

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