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    Originally Posted by Hydro Pumper View Post
    Thanks~! But yeh in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door there are actually three dragons- Hooktail (the one you posted), Gloomtail and Bonetail. XD Gloomtail is Hooktail's older brother and is encountered towards the end of the game (whilst Hooktail is a boss fairly early in the game~).

    Anyway Hooktail's, poison-based attacks are fairly strong. His Megabreath is the third strongest move in the game, according to the Super Mario Wiki.

    In the Pokemon world a Poison / Dragon type would probably have decent offensive stats from both sides of attack. Like some of the other offensive-inclined Poison-types, I guess it would have mediocre defences. I'd like to see it as the next Pseudo Legendary (600 base stat total, three stage evolution line, etc). :3 As for its concept/origin I have no clue XD.
    Ahh it's been so long since I played this, I don't even remember there being 3 Dragons

    Oh yeah, I'm sure they will have another Dragon Pseudo Legendary when 6 Generation comes along. They seem to keep bringing in more and more. I'd be interesting to see how much newly form 'Poison' Pokemon they can bring in.

    I think they should bring in more spiders (I know..yuck). I can only think of two right off the top of my head, but with all these poisonous spiders out there, I'm a bit disappointed. Galvantula who isn't even Poison type, and we have the lone Poisonous Spider, Ariados.