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''Mew, Psychic!'' Jay said, he was battling a little girl, but a little girl participating in a battle royale? Well, that seems interesting! Mew has defeated she first pokemon, then she send a Victrebeel.

''Mew return, go Charmeleon!'' send Jay. ''Flamethrower!'' the Victrebeel has dodge this Flamethrower, but Victrebeel was really tired. Victrebeel has attacked with Razor Leaf, but not very effective...Charmeleon was a fire type anyway...Charmeleon defeated Victrebeel using Overheat, and Jay has won the battle.

Jay rested his pokemons in the Pokemon Center, and buy some food and pokeballs on the Pokemart. When Jay was walking, he has seen 2 trainers discuting about who the 3rd team member is. They looked like an alliance, Jay was interested and says:''May I be the 3rd member?''

Im cool and cute,and I can transform into any Pokemon!
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