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    Originally Posted by RASENCERO
    You make a good point, but I do believe SS would be rather thorough. They missed one, who spawned the two we know. Then again, there could be an entire group who hid their power.

    I really hope so.
    There you go. They missed one, who is to say they didn't miss others? Like in Dragonball Z, it was thought that only 4 people escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta (Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and Goku), but with non-canon fillers/movies/whatever, Turles/Tullece and his group were all safe, as well as Vegeta's lil bro Tarble, Broly and his dad, and... I'm probably missing some others. Genocide is NOT an easy thing to pull off.

    Originally Posted by RASENCERO
    Another new race... Good chance that it is and definitely would fit with kubo's trolling. However, I would rather see all the pieces of the puzzles coming together and finishing all loose ends.
    Hehe, in one club I have at least one person saying it absolutely has to be Quincies. And in the other, I have someone saying that it's a good chance that it's someone else.
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