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Originally Posted by SpawnHyuuga View Post
Greetings PC!

It's been a long while since I've used this forum. I'll cut the backstory and such and skip right to the main piece of why I'm here.

I've assembled a small team of wannabe ROM hackers, including myself. We're currently writing our story, but we're looking for recommendations of which ROM to use of the Advance Generation to make our game. I've been taking some notes on each of the ROMs and it seems everybody has an opinion. So I want to ask, in your opinion which is the best ROM to work with if you're new to the scene? I'm currently messing with Fire Red, and I was sad to see that unlike in Emerald, I couldn't easily expand a town or route map. However, Emerald seems to have a lack of tools and tutorials available.
There is a plethora of articles that tell every small detail about the ROM. If you want to get some offsets, get some tools and read their .INIs. And if you still want to do more, well, assembly really isn't that hard to learn.

To be quite honest, the only road to success here in the world of ROM hacking is tinkering (right after actually getting the ROM). You can't really wing it with the research. Even with FireRed, you will need to tinker around before you get what you want.
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