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    I restarted my Black version today. I had to get the event Mewtwo and Victini before I restarted, and I traded them over. I had my team planned out (which you shall find out in a few minutes).

    So, I began by choosing Tepig, after calling my character Hilda. I battled my two friends, and won. I checked Tepig's nature after, and It got a Relaxed nature. I stepped outside and watched the cute Pidove fly off in the sun, which was really nice to watch...

    Bianca argued with her dad, but that was normal really. He is overprotective of her. I walked into the lab with my friends (I wish you could name both of the rivals really). Juniper gave us the dex, but Cheren became nerdy for a minute. I didn't NN Tepig, as I haven't NN'd the rest of the team.

    Mom gave us the town maps, then bid us a good trip. We got a capture tutorial before gaining five Poké Balls. I use these to capture some trade fodder, so my team can be traded over as soon as I get the C-gear.
    I arrive after being told by Bianca that I have 3 Pokémon. Expert observation there Bianca. I am shown around the Pokécenter before stocking up.

    Ghetsis and Team Plasma make a speech to us, before a rather strange man comes over. He says he is called N. I beat him with my Tepig, but I find him as a really motivated person, and I like his passion for Pokémon.

    I head to route 2, and Mom rings, asking me if everything is good. She hangs up, and meets me. I get the running shoes before she goes back to Nuvema Town. I catch another 'mon, and battle the trainers en route. I beat Bianca with my Tepig. I find Cheren whilst looking for the Gym Leader, and win against him easily.

    I stock up on items, and go after Pansage, and I get a Hardy nature too. It doesn't matter, he's trade fodder.

    Cilan instructs me to prepare for Water types, but I go in the Gym and beat the trainers. I began battling Cress, but he beats me the first time. It doesn't matter, as I win the second time. I have the ~Trio Badge~ and I find Fennel. She instructs me to go to the Dreamyard. I do, and I discover Munnam but Team Plasma try to kick it for Dream Mist but I beat them. Tepig learns Flame Charge and the grunts are scared off by the Ghetsis illusion. Musharna appears, as does Fennel. We go to her place, and get the C-gear.

    I head out, and use IR to trade the rest of the team over. I traded over:

    A PKLATAM Jirachi,anAxew, a Chimchar, a Vaporeon and a Pichu.

    My journey has finally begun! I go to the daycare trainers and win, which causes Tepig to evolve! It is now a Pignite, and it also has Arm Thrust too.

    I beat Cheren soon after, but Team Plasma have stolen a girl's Pokémon! We go to Wellspring cave, and we retrieve the Pokémon back! Cheren goes to deliver the Pokémon, whilst I stay a minute to explore the cave. I get TM46 Thief, and exit. I save there, ready to continue...

    (Ugh, long post FTW!)